OS X guest without subscription disabled in Parallels Desktop Lite?

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by tombo, Feb 10, 2020.

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    I installed Parallels Desktop Lite from the Mac App Store last June exclusively for the ability to host older OS X versions such as High Sierra as guest OSes.

    When I launched Parallels Desktop Lite Version 1.4.0 (19800) today I was confronted with a subscription renewal window that quits the app if closed and comes to the foreground when attempting to launch my High Sierra vm.

    Has free support for macOS guest OSes been removed?

    There is an v1.5.0 update notice in the Mac App Store that, in addition to support for hosting on Catalina, indicates the name of the app has been changed from Parallels Desktop Lite to Parallels Desktop. There is no mention in the product description, web site or forums regarding the ending of free macOS guest support. As I never use Parallels for Windows or Linux guest OSes, I'm likely to return to VirtualBox if free macOS guest support has indeed been retroactively disabled.
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    Hi, please check this KB article for more information about supported Guest OS
    Also Parallels Desktop for App Store is not a free application. Please let us know if you have any additional questions

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