OS X on Win ver of Parallels?

Discussion in 'Parallels Workstation for Windows and Linux' started by tc60045, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. tc60045

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    Has anyone gotten this to work? How?? (PM me if you like)


  2. constant

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    Like trying to join custard water pipes, it just doesn't work.
  3. tc60045

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    Yeah, have since read that the emulation is Pentium II, which is a non-starter for OSX86.

    Others have gotten VMware to work, but I'm skeptical -- and I'd rather support Parallel, all other things held constant. Digging beta 5 on my MacIntel...
  4. mkpro17

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    This is very possible

    This is very possible. I have gotten close to making this work on several occasions. I just didnn't have the time to keep messing with it. My life has recently been consumed by bring old Alpha Servers back to life.

    Here is my scenario. I have Intel Macs, however I would like to run either Windows or Linux as my primary os, and virtualize OS X when I want to use it. Currently I am using OS X as Primary and running Parallels for MAC Beta 6 to virtulize my Solaris, Linux, and Windows Enviroments. Issue, Mac OSX takes a lot of processing and memory overhead. A considerable amount more than Windows, and depending on the Distro, a lot more than Linux. So if the Primary OS was Windows or Linux, I could save some resources.

    So, I am not looking to steal OS X, or run it on any hardware other than a MAC. I just want to make my MAC run better.

    I have my Tiger install DVD that came with My Mac Mini. I could boot from it and install OS X in a virtual enviroment without any issues if, Some how Parallels could modify their virtualization to not only have a Bios, but If you could choose to run the virtual enviroment with an EFI instead.

    Intel has an EFI toolkit that can be downloaded for free, that way you can make an efi boot disk, which is another viable option, you could boot using the boot disk image which would run a program that would emulate EFI over you legacy Bios. I downloaded and started to play wiht it for a while, however, yet again, Kinda busy here.

    Any way here are my ideas, I'm sure they can work. If you don't feel comforable posting your info on this project here, just email them to me, Im not afraid. I will post them here, or setup a support forum on one of my sites to display the information.

  5. Baltazar

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    I don't think EFI is the only issue here but sure, you should post your findings but maby in another forum so the Parallels guys don't get in to any trouble or anything.
  6. Andrew @ Parallels

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  7. duncag

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    What version of Solaris did you install - I get an error complaining the DVD is not a Solaris installation DVD. Did you install using CD's ?
  8. makepeace

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    Will not work

    It is not an EFI issue but an Apple issue. Parallels simulates a low end standard PC. Apple OS X is deliberately designed not to run on non Apple hardware (some sort of on motherboard identity chip I presume). While your Mac has that identity parallels work very hard to hide the true hardware from the Guest OS - hence OS X will refuse to run because the virtual PC does not appear to be a Macintosh...

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