OSX Guest Resume and Performance Issues

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  1. R.134a


    I recently tried my first OSX guest installation in Parallels 8 and have been severely disappointed. I run Windows and Linux guests regularly and have never had anything more than a minor issue. Running an OSX guest, however, has resulted in a multitude of problems. I am currently running a Mountain Lion host and Mountain Lion guest, but have also tried running a Lion guest and experienced the same issues. I am running an early 2011 MacBook Pro and all my other guest operating systems continue to function just fine.

    1) Resuming a suspended OSX guest causes applications to go "haywire". I will try to be as specific as possible, but I have not been able to isolate the exact issue. For example, when resuming a guest, everything at first appears fine, but if I try to type in the omnibar of Google Chrome, Chrome will suddenly freeze. I get the spinning color wheel and nothing more. If I then switch to finder, it will freeze. And so on. Everything appears fine at first, but when I attempt to interact with the applications they freeze one by one.

    2) Graphics terrible. I managed to get workable graphics by disabling all the animations I could. Until I did this, Launch Pad would hang the guest for several minutes before displaying with no visible output.

    3) Integration is completely non-existent? Of all the guest operating systems, I would have expected OSX to be the best integrated. I expected to see Crystal support and everything. Instead it appears integration support is about on the same level as a Linux guest. Really? Am I missing something?

    If anybody has an ideas about how to resolve some of these issues it would be much appreciated. I am not even sure how to really go about debugging some of them. My eventual goal is to have an OSX VM where I can install various utilities and configuration for application development. As I develop for several environments which are incompatible it is impractical to make these changes on my host system.

    I can live with out the integration. Terrible graphics will be annoying and slow me down, but I suppose that is workable. But the hanging after a suspend is the issue I really need to resolve.

    Thank you in advance to anybody who may be able to offer some advice.

    - Aaron
  2. Specimen

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    A great part of the issues are related to the fact that there is no graphic hardware acceleration in OS X guests, this happens because Apple hasn't open up their API so Parallels can create the necessary drivers.
  3. ArnaudN


    I have the same problem, but knowing the actual issue (no graphic hardware acceleration in OS X guests) is not going to solve the problem. Can we, for example, disable the need to have hardware acceleration to resume the OS?
    It's terrible to have to start the Mac guest each time, especially at those times where only 5 minutes are needed to check something.

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