OSX Monterey on M1 Mac from template locked to 4gb/4vcpu??

Discussion in 'macOS Virtual Machine' started by DanielL44, Sep 2, 2022.

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    I have a virtual machine of osx monterey I created via the cli including the custom disk size etc, registered the vm with parallels and it seems to work great. However I am having major issues when using templates.
    1) i use prlctl to create a template from the known good mac osx vm
    2) i can launch a vm from the template both in gui and via prlctl command line
    3) the vm launched from template only shows 4 cpu and 4gb ram. I use the control center to check the virtual machine settings and it shows the 8 vcpu and 15GB ram same as the original VM the template was created from.
    4) i shut down the new vm from template and tried just resetting it's cpu and ram via the GUI but even still when i launch it the vm only has 4gb and 4vcpu

    Is this some template limitation or what am I missing here? We are trialing this for possible production use and the lack of snapshots is already frustrating.
  2. DanielL44

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    This appears to be related to the fact that without a config.ini MANUALLY created and inserted into the macvm package contents it will not set cpu/ram higher than 4gb/4vcpu no matter what the config manager says!

    After dropping in the following to a new test vm it had the 15GB/8 VCPU to match the slider/config setup and showed in the vm. This file apparently does not get copied into a template even if created from a vm with the file manually inserted


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