Outlook 2007 Calendar Very "Jumpy"

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    I am running Parallels 3.0 5582 on an iMac 2.4 with Leopard. I am running Windows Vista Ultimate, and everything generally is working well. However, I find that Outlook 2007 calendar under Parallels is useless. Whenever I create a new appointment and begin typing in text, it appears that something like a tab key or right cursor key gets pressed, causing the calendar item to be "saved" mid-stream and another one opened to the right of it. Also, I typically view a work-week's worth of calendar days, and every time I select 5 days to view, the calendar suddenly "jumps" ahead by another 2-3 days, and continues to jump around. It has had these problems since 5582 (and possibly some of the earlier betas), but did not have these problems under 5160.

    Note that Outlook is the only application behaving this way, and it only occurs with the calendar. All other Windows apps work as expected. I can boot into Boot Camp and run Vista and Outlook 2007 without problems. I do not have any "jumpy" keyboard problems in Leopard. It does not appear to be a keyboard or other system problem.

    Is anyone else having these types of problems, and are there any solutions?


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    Some days ago when I worked with logs in MS Outlook,I had problem,unexpectedly it were corrupted.But fortunately myself helped-corrupted pst file,as far as I know it is free and besides that utility can likewise decrypt OST files and convert it to a files with PST extension.
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