Outlook 2010 won't connect to Exchange server

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    MacBook running Parallels 7. Guest OS is Windows 7 with all patches and Office 2010 with all patches. This is running on a network with and Exchange server. While here, there are no issues. When working from home over VPN (using the Mac's built in Cisco VPN option), Outlook will stop connecting. At first I thought it was all VPN. The only thing that would fix it is a reboot.

    Today, this happened again. VPN on the Mac Host is working perfectly. Outlook for Mac connects to Exchange with no issue. On the Guest, I can connect to a network share, but Outlook can't find the server. I've tried to disconnect the network adapter from the VM and reconnect, but no luck. If I reboot the entire machine, it works again. So, Internet and VPN traffic is being passed from the Host to the Guest, but for some reason it's not allow Exchange traffic through.

    Now, it will work for some time, but will stop without any warning or other error, Outlook just stops connecting until everything is rebooted.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    Keep Getting Disconnected from MS Exchange Server 2003

    Me and my colleagues are too experiencing the same issue of getting disconnected from the MS exchange server.

    We're Running Mac OS10.7.2, Parallels 7, with Windows 7 Pro, with Outlook 2010 and MS Exchange Server 2003. We connect via the Mac VPN (IPSec), then connect to our exchange server, but it keeps disconnecting all of the time. It seems that this problem has gotten worse over the past month or so.

    My suggestion is if your company is running MS Exchange Server 2007 or greater, you should run MS Outlook 2010 for Mac on the Mac side and eliminate the need to connect via Parallels. This isnt ideal, but I hear it works.

    I aslo read a thread about this happening with Snow Leopard.
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    Potential Fix for Exchange Server Disconnecting Running Parallels

    I found this post on the MS Office site. Tried it and it my exchange mail seems to be holding its connection now AND connects much quicker than it had been.


    From the MS Office site:

    "This feature requires you to use a Microsoft Exchange 2003 or later account. Most home and personal accounts do not use Exchange. If your computer and server do not meet the complete requirements for this feature, these options will not be available.

    These steps are for connecting Microsoft Outlook to your Exchange server without using a virtual private network (VPN) (virtual private network (VPN): Extension of a private network encompassing encapsulated, encrypted, and authenticated links across shared or public networks. VPN connections provide remote access and connections to private networks over the Internet.) or other security hardware to connect behind your organization's firewall. Your Exchange administrator must enable this feature first before you can use it.

    1.On the Tools menu, click E-mail accounts, select View or change existing e-mail accounts, click Next, select the Exchange e-mail account, and then click Change.

    2.Click More Settings, then click the Connection tab.

    3.Under Exchange over the Internet, select Connect to my Exchange mailbox using HTTP.

    To specify a proxy server, click Exchange proxy settings."

    I did not mess with the Proxy Server Settings and it seems to work fine. Worst case scenario is it doesnt work and you just revert back to previous connection type.
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    I am having the same exact problem, did you ever figure out how to solve this? The previous replier's idea of connecting through HTTPS obviously will not work if you are using a vpn in the first place.
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