Outlook 2013 Does Not Retain Fullscreen After Using Another Windows App

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by rsmith, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. rsmith



    After enabling full screen view for Outlook 2013 under Windows 7, whenever I use any other Windows application under my virtual environment and then switch back to Outlook 2013, it no longer fills the entire screen. It's still in fullscreen mode, but you can see the gray background where the top OSX menu bar would be, and well as the gray background where the OSX doc would be. I have the fullscreen settings set to use OSX styles and the mode is auto. Enabling the other modes doesnt appear to actually affect anything.

    Does anyone know of a way to keep Outlook full screen?



    Edit: Parallels Build 9.0.23046, Windows 7 SP1, Office 2013

    Edit 2: It appears that not every windows apps causes Outlook's size to change. It may just be other Office products like Excel. For instance, I open Outlook and enable full screen. I then open Excel which is not in full screen. If I switch back to Outlook, it is now the same size as Excel while still technically being in fullscreen mode, but with the menu bar and dock spaces visible.
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  2. NaveedR


    Having the exact same issue and it is driving me batty.

    It also disappears and the only thing that makes it re appear is back to full screen however it only ever shows half screen. If I try to resize it it happens again.

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