Overly saturated colors in Windows VM on Dell UP2715K

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by MihaiE, Mar 27, 2016.

  1. purged

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    I had to refund my copy of Parallels Desktop 15 because this is STILL a problem, unfortunately. Basically, any modern Mac with a wide gamut display (every Mac but the MacBook Air at this point) needs to be corrected for via a wide gamut color profile, but Parallels doesn't know what to do with these and ignores them, even if you uncheck the "use Windows gamma" option, and even if you are in windowed mode.

    So 100% of the time that you're using Windows, 100% of the content you're viewing each and every time is oversaturated and the colors are all wrong, and you're all okay with this? Or you don't notice it? It's completely unacceptable to me. I was originally trying to deal with some compatibility issues, but after discovering this? Now I can't use Windows at all!

    (FYI, when the "use Windows gamma" option is checked, and you copy over the stock Apple-calibrated "Color LCD" wide gamut ICC color profile into the VM and install it as the default profile via Windows, it DOES have an effect, just not the correct one. Everything goes super dark for some reason, instead of just toning down the colors.)
  2. StanislavZ

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    Try this:
    - Shutdown VM
    - Configure->Hardware->Boot Order->Advanced settings->Boot flags
    line to text box

    Tell me if this helps
  3. Michael Carter

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    I was also having the same issue as @perged (I have a Dell U3011). When running a Windows VM, the colors were overly saturated. No amount of messing with profiles worked.
    I tried your Boot flag setting and can say that the colors are back to normal. My eyeballs thank you!
  4. Pawel Guraj

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    This worked correctly for me in PD 14. The darkening of everything started with PD 15.

    Br, Pawel

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