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    Hello. Within my Win10-Laptop I have linked the document-folder used by a software via dropsync into Dropbox.
    On my imac I use this software within parallels. Opening and writing the data to the dropbox-folder works fine but fails in one instance: While writing document-data on the mac there is a additional subfolder included in the document-path: /.prl_rec/
    This behaviour causes - no wonder - failure-messages opening the projekt in the Win-Laptop.
    What is this folder for and how can this behaviour switched off?

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    Hi @UweR3 , please help us with screenshots of the error message.
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    Hello Arun.
    The message is generated by the used software and not relevant (saying that the contend couldn't be read; the protocoll reports the wrong path). The point is, that in the VM the additional (invisible) subfolder is built in. In normal Windows this additional folder causes (of course) the path-missmatch while the software tries to get the folder-content. The screenshot shows how the additional folder is built in. You see: The folders beginning with "article" have to be directly in "deleted items". To make them work with original-windows I have to move them. Doing so next time using the VM, parallels will create the invisible folder again. And, in the VM the content will only be seen if moved back into the additional, invisible folder...
    Why does parallels do this and how this can be avoided?

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