P5: Issue with CorelDraw 11,12 and X3 with Magic Mouse and Mighty Mouse

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by hschneider, Mar 15, 2010.

  1. hschneider

    hschneider Kilo Poster

    There is an issue which appears with Parallels 5 and CorelDraw up to X3:

    - Create some drawing
    - Use the scroll wheel or the scrolling gesture to scroll up and down or zoom in and out a few times
    - Now the drawing area seems to be cleared - completely empty.
    - When saving and reloading it, the drawing is still there.

    The problem seems to be caused by horizontal scroll impulses mixed with vertical impulses which confuse CorelDraw. It does not happen if you use a mouse which can only scroll vertically. It seems to be fixed in Corel X4 and X5 and it does not happen under Parallels 4 and below.

    Another issue is that the scrolling and zooming via mouse is extremely sensible:
    Minimal finger movements cause large scroll and zoom impulses, which makes working very tricky.
    Would be nice if sensibilty could be set up in the VM's config.

    -- Harald
  2. Tasty10


    Same on my maschine with CorelDraw X4 and Magic Mouse. Scrolling and zooming is too sensible.
  3. Charles Howerton

    Charles Howerton

    A possible cause of CorelDraw with BT MightyMouse problems

    I fought CorelDraw on my Mac with BlueTooth Mighty Mouse for several days until I found what I think may be the trouble. As long as you keep the mouse flat on the table and click slowly, everything is alright. But, if you pick up the mouse, and worst case, drop it CorelDraw goes bananas and your image will likely disappear and you can get into a totally unrecoverable state, i.e. top menu (File Edit View etc.) totally locks up and the only cure is to force an exit.

    Cure #1: be very careful with the MM

    Cure #2: Save every couple of minutes. I used progressive save names just to be safe like Image1, Image2, etc. I was able to open the most recent saved file every time and resume. Later, I tried being more careful with the mouse and was able to go longer without screwing up the image

    Cure #3: As yet untested, I will install a PC mouse and see if I get the same effect or if the problem goes away. The first try will be with a "tailed" mouse and if that works, I will try a BlueTooth mouse to see if it is the BT link that is the problem. I will report the results of the tests later.

    A related problem makes the scroll ball totally unusable unless you have a very soft touch. A very slight movement takes you almost immediately to either minimum or maximum magnification. I found "Size to Fit" most useful for recovery, and "Size Selected" most useful for zooming in on a specific place.

    More later,

    Chuck Howerton
  4. Charles Howerton

    Charles Howerton

    Report on using PC mouse in CorelDraw

    Hi all,

    As I promised in my last post, I tested a PC (Logitech) wheel mouse with a Tail (wired) in CorelDraw under Parallels Desktop and it works fine. So far I have just been diddling around, but have had no problems. The wheel is still way too sensitive in that each detent/step on the wheel either doubles or halves the Zoom depending on which way you roll the wheel. In retrospect, I suspect that the same is true for the MightyMouse, but doing just one detent/step on that little ball "ain't easy". Conclusion, with respect to the Apple BlueTooth MightyMouse in CorelDraw under PDT, it is probably the way the MightyMouse ball works that is the problem and when you drop or tilt it heaven only knows what signals it sends to CorelDraw. I also suspect that some of those other buttons or sensitive spots on the MightyMouse also send unexpected (by us) signals to CorelDraw.

    As I was writing this, I did a complete design in CorelDraw using the Logitech wheel mouse with no problems.

    I got to playing around with the Tools Menu item in CD and found a Customization tool which let me set the mouse wheel to scroll instead of zoom and it scrolls perfectly, just as expected. I could not set the sensitivity of the wheel, so we may have to live with the Zoom problem on the MightyMouse. I will see if I can disable some of the extra functions of the MightyMouse i.e. everything except the ball and right and left click and see if it still loses the drawing when tilted or dropped.

    For the record, MightyMouse works fine everywhere else I have tested it on the windows side for scrolling etc. including tilting and dropping it.

    Later today, I will go and get a BlueTooth wireless PC Wheel mouse and test it to see if it has the same problems that the MightyMouse has and I will report what I find. But, I do not expect to get the same problems, I expect it to work just like the wired PC wheel mouse.

    Sorry for all the detail, I am a retired Computer Science professor and a compulsive teacher and problem solver.

    Keep on trying,

    Chuck Howerton
  5. BruceLee


    Yes, I have the same problem here. This seems to be a problem inherited in PD5 but not PD4 and below. Under CorelDraw 9-X4, the image simply disappears when mouse scorlling and the mouse scrolling is way too senstivity. All the solutions offered here is only a temporarily work-around. We hope PD team actaully takes time to solve this problem as soon as possible. Otherwise PD5's reputation will be ruined. For now, my solution is to uninstall PD5 and stay with PD4. Let me share my experiences why I switched from VM to PD? Because VM's printing pool is extremely slow under NAT configuration. Guess we have to wait for PD5 to fix this critical problem.

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