P5: WinXP SP3 + Counter Strike 1.6 / Condition Zero (FPS) mouse problem

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by DominikH, Dec 27, 2009.

  1. DeerwoodM

    DeerwoodM Bit poster

    Having the Same problem

    Windows XP Sp3 Guest: Snow leopard Host.

    Trouble Ticket number with Advanced Logging Activited. 6928832.

    I really hope this helps. 4.0 Rocked 5.0 and 6.0 are great for everything else. but My Game experience is pretty bad.

    Logitech Mouse MX 310. no logitech specific drivers installed in Snow Leopard or in Guest Windows XP SP3
  2. thank you very much for the report. We are continuing to track this down :(
  3. Hmmm....

    This effectively means that turning off 'Virtual Machine -> Configure -> Options -> Advanced -> Smart Mouse' should help without tools uninstall and fancy games with prl_wmouse_watcher.dll
  4. I was wrong. Please disregard previous comment. The correct patch is on the way and will be included into the next release.

    Thank you all for patience and cooperation.
  5. JulioR

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    I still have the same mouse problem. But in "Warcraft 3" instead of "CS"
  6. JulioR, please name your version or better generate a problem report and send its number here. Thanks.
  7. NickOreskovich10

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    Dear HenryIsBack...

    YOU ARE THE BEST! This process completely works 100%! Thanks so much man!

  8. KJMarket

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    I have this problem with EVERY 3D game in Windows XP. Mabinogi is the worst.
  9. Calvin

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    Hello Denis , do you have any update for this issue so far ? we're looking forward to solve this trouble ~
  10. Calvin

    Calvin Bit poster

    To KingLeo :

    I don't think that root cause is come from hardware issue , because the same mouse (Logitech G9) is running well under Windows CS ~
  11. PierreTight

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    You'd think this would've been solved by now (Parallels 7), but no.. I'm still having it I can't make a 180-turn in CS. If I move the mouse quickly in-game it will keep me in the same place.. I can move it slowly but quickly wont get me nowhere

    I haven't tried with other games, installing Battlefield Heroes now going to try it out

    Edit: Yep, exactly the same thing there. Can't spin..
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  12. eichhoernchen

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    Well guys,

    I think i solved the problem!

    I also had a mouse problem. I also received a weird mouse behavior in game like the horizontal sensitivity was okay but the vertical was a mess. It was like playing on xtc on the vertical axis.

    So reason/ solution for this problem is, you have to turn of the Configure -> Hardware -> Video -> Enable vertical synchronization!

    Now your mouse is acting like it should be. I don't know why but I found this solution by trial and error and it works for me. If I turn the synchronization on the mouse behavior is weird, if I turn it off the mouse behavior is pretty good.
  13. gordonwilliams

    gordonwilliams Bit poster

    CS1.6 mouse

    Jan 2012, P7 still same problem with the mouse cant turn 180 fast, you can do it slow, try it fast and you dont go anywhere.

    Tried all the solutions listed here, anybody got any else?
  14. gordonwilliams

    gordonwilliams Bit poster

    Autocad 2010 mouse problem

    The same thing happens in Autocad 2010, move the mouse slow all ok, move it fast and it just stays in the same area wobbling back and forth trying to decide what to do, a bit like me what to do?

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