Painfully Slow internet on Windows

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by Myles, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. ParalllelsJ

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    very helpful, thank you. turning on network conditioner took me from 1 to 400 mb/sec! yay!
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  2. IvanCarlos

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    Parallels 18 for Mac on Macbook Air M1 with painful speeds on Windows 11 ARM
    Changing network to bridged does not help
    Turning on Network Conditioner restored my network speed
    Thanks a lot
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  3. Chris Law

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    Amazing! I've solved two of my most annoying Parallels problems in one day thanks to this forum! I could not understand for the life of me why the internet speed was so unbelievably sluggish - whether I gave it direct access to my WiFi (and my Mac used its Ethernet), or used Shared, or whatever. Then I enable the Network Conditioner with speeds similar to my actual broadband connection and it immediately began to FLY!
    FWIW: MacBook Pro M1 Max 64GB / Sonoma 14.0 / Parallels 19 / Windows ARM 23H2 build 25931.1000
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  4. VictorE

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    Activating the Network Conditioner improves a little but the speed I am getting from Ookla SpeedTest in the VM is about 10% of my real ISP speed. Why is that?? I am using Bridged->Default adatper Network connection and now with Network Conditioner activated with a unlimited custom profile... shouldn't be getting speedtest result near to my real ISP speed ??
  5. Jose222

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    Same here. And resolving a site on Edge is very, very slow, too.

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