Paralells screw up my booting

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    Parallels screw up my booting


    at this moment, im very very HUGE pissed of at Parallels, im really have the guts to go to Nova Development building and throw this CEO for giving me this c****py product i ever had in my life. but im going to explain in calm words.

    Anyway, i got a boxed version of Parallels in Frys store. it a 2.0 version. I installed Paralells and ready to boot up Boot Camp, but i got a beach ball of death and decided to force quit it. Then i uninstalled Paralells and decided it have some bugs. So i restart my Macbook Pro and went to Boot Camp, then while booting, i got some error saying hal.dll is missing. So i restart and went to boot option, and found out Paralells Configuration is the first to boot. At that moment, i was puzzled and wonder why this happen, i mean i already uninstalled Paralells and should erase it own version of boot.ini, so i told it to boot Window Xp Home, and it went to boot it. Then i have to bring up msconfig.exe and told use selective booting to boot Window Xp first. because there is no way to delete Paralells Configuration from my boot.ini.

    So today, i decided to reisntall and give it a second try. Then after installing and got a update. still on 2.0 version. Then i finally boot up window just fine but issue i have to activite it.... and it need the key. so im not in the mood for that and decided to uninstall Paralells and shove the box in the back of the closet and decided it never existed. then i reboot to Window. i was wrong..... Paralells did took my Boot Camp partition hostage, i got some error pop up saying im missing some .dll, so it more than one .dll file im missing. so i decide to boot it to safe mode, it still got the same error.

    Wow... Paralells really screw up my .dll file. i can access my boot camp paraition through OSX, but i want to boot it to XP because i need to do something in XP. but now i cant do it. im not sure what to do at this point. How i get my partition back?
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    Never mind about everything, im going to send this Macbook Pro back to Apple Store to get it repair. i already got a issue with eject button not responding to OSX, Boot Camp refused to see Window Xp there (even the XP CD is already in the drive and it on my desktop), the burner refuse to burn media files but can burn anything than a media files (more specific to mp3).

    And my Warranty is about to expire soon next month or Aug, so i really have to send this today, right away.

    I suspect it a logic board issue. so hopefully they think it a logic board issue and can replace it for free. reason why i said free because.... the dent i made on my MAcbook Pro, i drop the macbook by mistake, i thought it on the floor but it didnt after the dog jump on me and i drop it..... sigh. so the dent could expire my warranty and applecare which im so concerned.

    So thanks for everthing even you guys didnt help me, it ok. im just tired and upset how this going. and im going to shove Parallels in my closet or straight to the trash

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