Parallells Desktop 18 for Mac Pro Edition and MacOS Ventura as guest

Discussion in 'macOS Virtual Machine' started by AlexanderZ12, Aug 16, 2023.

  1. AlexanderZ12

    AlexanderZ12 Bit poster

    hi there.
    Does anyone have this config?
    Guest OS doesn't intercept keyboard shortcuts(command + tab, ctrl + space, command + space etc) and trackpad movements.
    Tried to change "Send MacOS system shortcuts" option to "Always" and "Newer" - nothing helped.

    Does it work for anyone?
  2. AlexanderZ12

    AlexanderZ12 Bit poster

    And host is on Apple M2.
  3. AndreasK27

    AndreasK27 Junior Member

    @AlexanderZ12 Yes, 2 Pro Licenses on 1x MacBook Air M2 24GB/1TB, and 1x Mac Studio M2 Max 96GB/1TB (the Max is new since last weekend, used a 2019 i9 27" iMac 64GB/512GB as my desktop before)

    My config.ini of the MacBook Air (my Studio just gets 8 CPUs and a larger mem):

    Also, I'm sometimes sharing/mounting a DMG via the config.ini (see

    My issues + resolutions:
    * Shared user folders did not seem to work for me initially (as in, enable it via 'prlctl set "<your VM name, e.g. macOS 13>" --shf-host-defined home' (or "... off" instead of home to again fully isolate the VM)

    My unresolved issues:
    * Using Parallels Toolbox inside the VM would require purchasing a separate Toolbox license if run in the host and gest :-(( - escalated, was supposed to be fixed, but does not work for me. I want to run "clean disk",...

    * due to Apple seeming to force Parallels to use Apple Virtualization Framework, the macOS is quite "castrated" - this is OK for me, since I want to use this macOS VM as a source for cloning "safe"/isolated open-source development environments
    * Future Metal support in the VM would be very nice, since I want to do AI dev and still need to run this in the host-os.

    Let's see what the next versions of macOS and Parallels bring ...

    P.S. running Ubuntu for Arm in a VM is also a bit frustrating, since most OpenSource project builds break on this. Linux/Arm is mostly thought of Raspberry Pi ... - for me a macOS VM for Dev works better than my Ubuntu/Arm VM.
  4. AlexanderZ12

    AlexanderZ12 Bit poster

    Sorry, but I didn't understand: do keyboard shortcuts(command + tab, ctrl + space, command + space etc) work in MacOS guest normally for you?
    My shortcuts are intercepted by the host MacOS.
  5. AndreasK27

    AndreasK27 Junior Member

    SORRY, my fault, apologies, I did not read your post fully, only the 1st sentence of your post. Meant you have general issues

    Yes, my macOS VM also does not get the "normal" kbd shortcuts inside the VM. Copy/pase (cmd C/V...) however works. Also e.g. Alt + click on Apple-menu for immediate shutdown,....

    I also tried set ... --keyboard-optimize on or auto - not change.

    So Parallels seems to want to be more like a normal MacOS application. Unlike e.g. Jump Desktop (as a VNC/RDP solution), which interprets according to host focus. Seems we have to live with this for now.
  6. Pramesh Boodadoo

    Pramesh Boodadoo Staff Member

    Please note that this feature is not currently available on macOS virtual machine hosted on Apple Silicon Mac.
    However, please note that there is already a feature request for this issue and we have reported your case as well to our Development Team.
    Once there is a response from them - whether it is a request for additional information, a workaround or a permanent fix - we will let you know.
    Kindly click on Get Updates on this article to follow all the latest updates and releases of Parallels Desktop:
    Thank you.
  7. Mikumi

    Mikumi Bit poster

    Waiting for this feature as well. Even UTM macOS captures system shortcuts on M1.

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