Parallels 10 and Boot Camp (versus earlier versions?)

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by jonathan_david, May 12, 2015.

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    i am not understanding something and am wondering if something changed.
    i am trying to get a new mac pro set up with windows 7 and am not sure what my licensing requirements are but also i am not sure what to do.
    in the past Parallels seemed to create a .pvm file that was your /virtualized/ windows installation and now it seems like there is some way to work in the boot camp installation via parallels in some kind of virtualized way? or i guess this has always existed but it was via a /selection/ and now parallels calls it "Boot Camp"?
    i mean, does anyone know if this is basically working in windows as a virtualized machine but also allowing the opportunity to boot directly into the boot camp partition? i mean, AFAIK when i was originally using parallels with a pvm file i ONLY had a virtualized machine and i did not have a boot camp install or maybe at one point i did set up a boot camp install that was controlled by a parallels virtual machine?
    i guess i don't get this.
    also, i have a couple of machine and need to set up actual boot camp installs and still have legacy virtual machines so i am not sure how my licensing is affected or how to go forward in thinking about transferring boot camp installs etc. does anyone know if my virtual machine install (like a .pvm file i guess or any virtualized access of windows 7) counts against my number of licenses if it is on the same machine as a boot camp install?
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    hi. thank you! i found that recently.
    do you know what the differences or advantages are from a USERS perspective? i mean there are four seemingly modest limitations listed but -
    1. running from boot camp means you have to have (AND LEAVE) the boot camp install on the machine you are running paralllels?
    2. how do i get the boot camp XP from my 2006 mac pro to my new 2012 mac pro?
    3. can i put boot camp XP in 2012 mac pro and run it like this even if it is NOT supported on that machine?
    4. does parallels handle all the drivers in either type of VM?
    5. do you recommend one type over another given the above?

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