Parallels 10 and Windows 9 Beta

Discussion in 'Other Virtual machines' started by AJNeale, Aug 24, 2014.

  1. AJNeale

    AJNeale Bit poster

    Does anyone know if the forthcoming Windows 9 Beta will work on Parallels 10?
  2. Ram@Parallels

    Ram@Parallels Parallels Support

    Hi Ajneale,
    Microsoft has released Windows 10 preview. please visit for more info about Windows Technical Preview.
    Please follow the steps as suggested below :
    1. Initiate the installation through the Windows 10 preview .iso file :
    2. Locate it manually, which will display as "Unable to detect OS".
    3. Just ignore it and click on "Continue" anyways.
    4. Now select the Windows OS type -> More Windows -> Other Windows.
    5. If selecting Windows 8 or Windows 7 will terminate the installation.
    Once Windows 10 OS is officially launched, it will be added to the list of operating system.
  3. Specimen

    Specimen Product Expert

    Do not follow those instructions.
    Set the OS as Windows 8, customise installation and change the dvd and hd for sata to ide. Install, then install Parallels tools.
  4. Specimen

    Specimen Product Expert

    As of 10.1.1, Windows 10 is a recognized OS type.

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