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Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by Gernot Leitgab, Aug 20, 2014.

  1. PleaseRmvDockIcon

    PleaseRmvDockIcon Bit poster

    Another user saying this should be made optional.
  2. jasimon9

    jasimon9 Member

    Just upgrade to P10 from P8 today, and noticed this annoyance in about 2 seconds. If you change a UI element, don't make it mandatory. If I am running 6 vms, now I have 6 additional dock icons!

    If this is not fixed soon, I'll probably revert to P8.
  3. Jui KhiangL

    Jui KhiangL Bit poster

    +1 Yes please, I like the PDT-9 arrangement
  4. sfsdfd

    sfsdfd Bit poster

    +1, irritating as hell.

    Parallels continues to add features that I don't want and that irritate me (Control Center, Coherence, Modality, and of course 500 ways to "Install Internet Security" or access the "Convenience Store" - I swear, Parallels is like a $60 banner ad for other software), while not fixing basic problems (no option for automatically reclaiming disk space?; any solution for layers upon layers of different OS chrome?)

    The BS is reaching a critical threshold. Considering switching to VMware.
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  5. Abdul@Parallels

    Abdul@Parallels Parallels Support

    Hi All,

    The Dock icon of Virtual Machine is a feature in Parallels Desktop 10 which cannot be removed/hidden. It helps in accessing the particular Virtual Machine at a Click.
    Please refer to
  6. Priller

    Priller Bit poster

    If a feature can be added, it can be enhanced to function based on what the CUSTOMERS are requesting. Please listen to the feedback from the customers that buy your product.

    I have little doubt that the overwhelming majority of the customers that have purchased PD have done so for the single purpose of running a Windows VM on a Mac. There is no enhancement to the user experience by having multiplied the number of dock icons. It is nothing but clutter.
  7. Christian_Forsberg

    Christian_Forsberg Bit poster

    Yes, I agree with most here. Adding such a stupid feature without making it optional show total ignorance to both user experience best practices and the paying customers.
    I've been a customer since version 5, but this makes me so annoyed that I'm thinking about switching to something else.
    Please, just fix this ASAP!
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  8. Robert Grether

    Robert Grether Junior Member

    I am sorry you have been asked to defend Parallels on this. As Priller said, it can removed just as easily as it was added. Please pass on the overwhelmingly negative feedback you are getting from customers to your engineers.

    Thank you,


    Fellow consumers,
    See that we are a month in and still don't have anything but a stonewall from Parallels, I am taking to Amazon (and any other sites you recommend) to review this "feature" of Parallels 10. I would really hate for a new customer of Parallels to be disappointed by this dock-clutter and command-tab-slower when they could have just gotten Fusion.

    Thank you,
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  9. Peter_Baeckstrom

    Peter_Baeckstrom Bit poster

    Hi Abdul

    Thanks for the ridiculously inflexible answer. You were able to remove/hide/whatever you want to call it the vm icon in previous versions, so fact is that v10 is a downgrade for which you should give us, your loyal customers, our money back. I have been using your product since the very first version, and always recommended it to people asking for product advice. Thanks to v10 I am no longer able to do so until you give us a way to remove this thing you call a feature. Your team are clearly clueless about using the product in daily productive work, so please listen to us that do!

    Also, please stop installing in other hidden "features" such as the IE extension in Safari without asking me if I want it.

    Unfortunately not so kind regards
  10. ShawnT

    ShawnT Bit poster

    PLEASE -- Provide a means to hide the virtual machine icon. Can maybe see why it may be helpful for some, but not providing a means to show or hide is negligence on the part of Parallels.
  11. Gernot Leitgab

    Gernot Leitgab Bit poster

    I'm a Parallels customer since the very beginning (since Parallels was founded and before it has been overtaken). Now it's time for a change to the market leader in virtualization: VMware. Because of the above mentioned drawback and lot's of errors since the upgrade ("configuration error" popup for one VM, "process could not be completed" popups for others,...) - nothing else but problems.
  12. pemfoo

    pemfoo Bit poster

    +1 remove per vm icon. do not like it.
  13. Graham_York

    Graham_York Bit poster

    Can I just add my voice to this.

    I want a refund on the upgrade fee !!!
  14. marcusqueen

    marcusqueen Bit poster

    I have the same question. In P9, I would only have my regular dock icon... in P10 it shows an dock icon for each active VM.
  15. VaclavS

    VaclavS Junior Member

    +1, extremely irritating.

    Also not quite as Parallels' treatment of us in this discussion, I suppose.
  16. Robert_Rand

    Robert_Rand Bit poster

    +1 on this annoying design change. I have one VM that I use. The control center keeps popping up all the time when I change windows. It is NOT a feature. It's a pain in the butt. I've been a customer since P6. P9 worked fine. Please rework the preferences to hide the control center. If I want to switch I can do so without the control center.
  17. chuckboucher

    chuckboucher Junior Member

    +1. The option to hide the dock icon for each guest VM should be there, just as it was in P9D.
  18. RobertWise

    RobertWise Member

    Is this ridiculous extra dock icon still present of have Parallels listened to their customers and made it customisable?
    I have reverted back to PD8 because of this feature and won't be upgrading to Yosemite unless it is sorted. Consequently Parallels won't be seeing any of my money either.
  19. Nick_Bond

    Nick_Bond Bit poster

    +1. Stupid to have two icons if users are not regularly running multiple virtual machines simultaneously.

    It is embarrassing and insulting to have a Parallels team member come on this forum and repeatedly describe this as a new 'feature', in a thread where everyone is saying they don't want it!

    Just make it optional in a point release and tell your customers you listened!!!!!
  20. Robin_Corps

    Robin_Corps Bit poster

    +1 for this annoying "feature".

    Needs to be made optional through config setting. I run 2 VMs (Ubuntu and Windows). I *never* need to CMD+TAB to the Ubuntu one as I use iTerm to SSH in to my machine, so that's already 1 redundant extra doc icon and CMD+TAB menu option I have to skip past. Then I run Windows for a couple of apps I can't run natively on OSX, but now I have to CMD+TAB twice or more to switch between these apps and OSX apps when running in coherence mode.

    This is a ridiculous feature and quite frankly I'm annoyed I just paid £35+ for it - tbh the only reason I upgraded was because I switched to OSX Yosemite.

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