Parallels 10 running slow on Yosemite

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by Housedoctor, Oct 17, 2014.

  1. pablos2

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    I have the same problem and neither level 1 and level 2 support can help or understand the problem or how to fix it.
  2. lucianozx

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    Manoj@Parallels of Parallels Support, at Oct 26, 2014 said to
    follow the

    PaulChris@Parallels of Parallels Support, at May 31, 2015 said to
    update Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac to the latest build 10.2.1 (29006) and
    NOT follow the

    The was Last Reviewed at Aug 25, 2015 and not have any observation about not using it anymore because of some update.

    I'm using the latest build 10.3.0 (29227) and Parallels still slow after this build. After the build 10.2.1, apparently, was not.

    The latest build 10.3.0 (29227) fixed the problem too and it is no longer necessary the trick?

    Can I use the trick, or it is not recommended?

    Thank you.
  3. NasirS1

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    My Macbook was working slow too after upgrading to Sierra. I was not able to use the windows on parallels due time lag and very slow performance. I got it fixed after following the parallels KB article and this blog post on 26 steps to fix slow macOS Sierra.My Macbooks is working fine with Parallels without any time lag.
  4. Dinesh@Parallels

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    Glad to hear that, @NasirS1! Thank you for sharing the links and it will be useful for the other users who faces the similar issue.

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