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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by AdamN2, Apr 7, 2016.

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    Parallels went from being the best piece of software I ever owned to one of the worst. I'm a simple user. I just ask that my copy and paste work properly as I use Windows remote desktop when accessing my work servers. That doesn't work well anymore. And the final thing I loved, I was able to create a quick key (F6) to go back and forth from Windows to Mac. Now I have to have the Control Center window open? And the control center window has to have focus for the quick key to work? This can't be by design? I just ask that those two areas improve. We paid to upgrade the software. Not downgrade it.
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    Hi marcel1, please generate a Problem Report ID/ Technical Data and reply us with the 9 digit number. We will check and help you out.
  3. Arunn

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    Hi JuanB4, You can use F6 to switch between Windows and Mac. Open Parallels from the menu bar > go to Preferences > Shortcuts > OS X System Shortcuts:
    1. Send OS X system shortcuts: Auto
    2. Enable 'Show and Hide Parallels Desktop ' and make sure the text box next to it says 'F6'.
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    Sorry for the late reply, here is the ID 109931911. Let me know when another one is needed.
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    Hi marcel1, did you ever find a resolution for this?

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