Parallels 11 only 8GB vRAM per VM?

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by HuubP, Aug 19, 2015.

  1. Guzz_1984

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    yep. Same here. I wouldn't mind paying $80,00 for the upgrade for a Pro version without that silly Access Subscription.
  2. EllwoodN

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    I have downloaded the base VMWARE Fusion 7 Trial and as opposed to what the advertising
    smoke and mirrors of Parallels is saying, it lets you select as many CPUs and memory as you want.
    Also lets you select large VRAM and as a matter of fact even recommended setting it at 1GB on my
    machine. Took some time, about 30-40 min. to import a Win7 VM and some cleanup but seems
    to work fine at this point. Graphics seem quite crisp and smooth.

    If continued testing is favorable, I will look at how Win10 works and soon make a decision as
    to whether to move to Fusion (at this point highly likely) unless Parallels changes and or amends the
    current offerings to provide a perpetual Pro license.

    I am guessing that any changes however are highly unlikely. When Adobe made the transition to
    their ball and chain model, there was quite an outcry as here and they did not change their stance.
    So, doubt if that will change here as well.
  3. GrinningShark

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    Looks like Fusion 8 was just released yesterday. I have been trying 7 and it works good and now going to check out 8. If 8 works well, they have a 40% discount for parallels users and no subscription. Plus, I like that for personal users they allow you to use it on all your personal Macs (do not need a copy for each).
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  4. EllwoodN

    EllwoodN Hunter

    Will check out ASAP!!!

    Follow up:
    Fusion8 Standard $79.99 for use on 3 personal Macs
    64GB vRAM/16 vCPUs
    Open GL 3.3
    DirectX 10
    Upto 2GB VRAM
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  5. GrinningShark

    GrinningShark Junior Member

    I took the plunge and bought Fusion 8 Pro with their upgrade deal (Pro has a few features I needed, they have had a Pro version for a while now so I'm guessing that is what Parallels is copying). Did a fresh install of Windows 10 and some of my development tools and I find that it performs great. Also tried a conversion from a Parallels VM to a VMWare VM and that worked surprisingly well and the resulting VM was actually a few gigs smaller than the Parallels one. Best part is that I had bought two copies of Parallels 10 previously to cover my desktop and my laptop, but had another computer I wanted to run it on but could not stomach buying a third copy (let alone doing a subscription for 2-3 machines). Not an issue with VMWare. It's been fun Parallels, but I'm signing off since I've jumped ship. ;)
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  6. NicolasC1

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    Same I switched to vmWare Fusion 8 today. Just 40USD for 3 machines, and large VM support....
  7. MarieC

    MarieC Junior Member

    Some people here pretend they will look at VMware or stick to PD 10. For those who wish to keep PD 10, Parallels may sleep well, most of users who want to upgrade sooner or later to Windows 10 will have to consider PD 11 anyway.

    For this reason (please have a look on the following article):

    For users who can live running Windows in a restrictive way, the last version of PD 10 (supposed to be Windows 10 compatible) is buggy anyway: version 10.2.2-29105 even brought problems with Windows 8.1 VM (I had to revert to PD 10.2.1-29006 since at the moment Parallels didn't release a new build to fix problems).

    As usual, the "Resistance fighters" may be the fall guys* :( but for home/home office users, it's time to give VWware Fusion 8 a try.

    * big software companies only care for home/home office users as long as they can use them for building their brand image and renowned. When it's done, forget about home/home office users (they represent "small" turnover while they usually cost too much on technical support front, problem Parallels always anticipated granting 3 months of support only).
    The "pro" users who are mainly on target, who are also captive and get used to work in PD environment will probably don't change anything. Though Parallels is not Adobe, Adobe subscription business model worked with "pros". Adobe didn't care for home/home office users, except photographers' world (not before general outcry).
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  8. ghtop

    ghtop Member

    For those looking to take advantage of the current 40% discount for Fusion 8 for Parallels users who are making the switch, here's the link to the page:

    This should redirect to your local region store, so look for the link on the page that says 'Fusion vs Parallels' or similar. There you can authenticate your current Parallels key to get the 40% discount.

    Note that Fusion isn't perfect either: it's not as performant as Parallels, the speed difference is immediately noticeable, and some features are only in the Fusion 8 Pro version that are currently in PD10 (like linked clones, network management, etc). Fusion Pro is also a lot more expensive than Parallels Pro. Still, the current discount and license for 3 installs (for non-commercial use, otherwise it's single machine only) is quite attractive, especially if you really want your > 8GB VMs back without being shackled to a subscription with expiring software.
  9. EllwoodN

    EllwoodN Hunter

    Well, I also have moved on to Fusion 8 and am saying good bye to Parallels.
    For those interested, this is what I sent to the corporate management feedback page:
    "To Those That Make Marketing Decisions At Parallels,
    I actually first used your product on a Windows platform because of its support for Linux was better than VMWare Workstation.

    When Apple made its move to the Intel platform, I had started to use the Fusion product
    but eventually found some issues working with Linux. Remembering that Parallels solution
    worked so well on a PC, I decided to try the Parallels Desktop for Mac product and not only
    found that not only did it work well with my Linux requirement, it was far superior running
    Windows (XP at the time) as well. This was at version 3 of your product and I gave up on
    VWMare Fusion.

    As I was pleased with the product I had continued to use it and starting with Parallels 7
    was purchasing two upgrade licenses and every upgrade since as I had a requirement
    to have both a desktop and laptop.

    Every year the product was Improved and new features added and I dutifully updated my
    systems with each update. The Parallels Desktop 11 came along.

    The product was split into a crippled version with a perpetual license and a "Pro" version
    which had what like to refer to as a "ball and chain license". If I wanted to continue with a
    good product with some of the features I needed over the standard version, I would be
    forced into a ball and chain license with an added service of Access which I have absolutely
    no use for. I would then be forced to feed the "Parallels Pig" (coined the phrase from a cable
    TV term) for ever and ever if I wanted to continue using the product.

    One would say that "Well you updated every year so what is the difference?". Well, the
    difference is, if I found a particular upgrade was not to my liking or added nothing to my
    productivity, I could skip an upgrade and still have a functioning system and wait to upgrade
    to a future version. I would have gladly paid a little more for a Pro upgrade (sans Access)
    with a perpetual license.

    So, with that said, it is with sadness and remorse that I must abandon the Parallels Desktop
    for Mac product in favor of the VMWare Fusion product. Their base offering supplies more
    than enough features to satisfy my needs (really somewhere between the Parallels base
    and Pro, advertising fact manipulation aside) and with a perpetual license that is usable
    on up to 3 computers.

    In conclusion, your changes to the product line has resulted in at least this person
    NOT purchasing TWO UPGRADE licenses, moving to a competitor's product, and never
    buying any of your products again."

    For those interested in supplying feedback to corporate management:
    Doubt if they will listen, but at least let them know how you feel.
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  10. UlfH1

    UlfH1 Bit poster

    Yes, I was fooled too. Heavy depending on starting and stopping my virtual machines from the terminal using the parcel commands and bash script in OS X since i normally did not need any UI. This feature is now removed from the Desktop version I have used for years. It is removed without any notice about this when comparing the products that are easily spotted. I will probably terminate all use of Parallels and move to Vmware Fusion instead but first I will see if i can get my money back. This is just such a poor way of doing business when you think your customers are stupid!
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  11. ghtop

    ghtop Member

    Yeah, you have to dig pretty deep into the Parallels 11 userguide pdf to discover that CLI control & access has been moved to Pro, along with the Vagrant provider, headless boot and port forwarding.
  12. Bill Standen

    Bill Standen Member

    Ignoring the dubiousness of the changes to being with, the standard of communication about what features were in what versions has been utterly appalling.
  13. ChrisT3

    ChrisT3 Member

    It's almost as if they didn't want users to know, really. It seems things came out bit by bit - finding out what was removed from PD10 and added to Pro. I think we still don't fully know what's totally been changed. All the while, we're treated to a flashy email that makes it sound like we'd be upgrading to the newer, better version like we always did.

    To me, it feels like a bait and switch - and that's why I am DONE DONE DONE with Parallels, but sticking around here in hopes that the people at Parallels get their collective heads out of their lower orifices and stop directly being patronizing to users (I'm looking at you, Dishant - your attitude is the main reason I asked for a refund.)

    It's not like Parallels doesn't have stiff competition. It seems most companies have to learn this the hard way, though.

    Sucks, really. Looking at articles about the 2007 Macworld interview that Ars Technica did with Parallels. I used to really like these guys. Don't know what happened and who decided to start running things this way.
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  14. EllwoodN

    EllwoodN Hunter

    I have imported my 3 Windows VMs on one of my Machines to VMWare Fusion and all seem
    to work just fine. The only issue is with activation of Windows 10 which I believe is an issue
    on Microsloths end. Only problem is trying to get someone at Microsloth that has a clue what
    a virtual machine is and getting bumped to Pro level support is no help with 2-3 hour wait times!

    I am now happy that I have software that will work as long as I want it without having to feed the pig
    to keep it working.

    BTW, the letter I sent to management that I posted above received nothing but the standard automated
    email reply for submitting it, not that I was expecting a reply since it is apparent that that Parallels doesn't
    care about long time customers.
  15. CarlH2

    CarlH2 Junior Member

    I too think it is poor that they moved features to a pro version, however can I just point out guys I paid the same for the pro version as I did a standard version last year so what's the issue really?
  16. EllwoodN

    EllwoodN Hunter

    The issue is the fact if you do not pay that amount exactly one year from the time you paid
    this year and every year there after, your Parallels Pro will cease to work and your virtual
    machines will be useless.

    You will need to continue to pay that amount whether there are upgrades or not to be able
    to use Parallels Pro.

    Basically, you have willingly bought yourself into a ball and chain.
  17. CarlH2

    CarlH2 Junior Member

    I upgrade anyway, oh well.
  18. EllwoodN

    EllwoodN Hunter

    FWIW, this is the reply I received for the message I posted above that I had
    sent to the Management Feedback:

    Thank you for your feedback on the subscription licensing model.

    I have forwarded it to the appropriate department for further consideration.

    Thank you for sharing your opinion with us!



    Ekaterina Zelenskaya
    Customer Support
    Consumer & SMB
    || Parallels"

    Blah, blah, blah!!!
  19. Guzz_1984

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    Where did you find the information about the discount to Parallels users? I'm trying to buy, but no where I see a place to apply for the discount.
  20. Guzz_1984

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