Parallels 11 only 8GB vRAM per VM?

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by HuubP, Aug 19, 2015.

  1. EllwoodN

    EllwoodN Hunter

    I wonder how many sheep blindly upgraded to Pro not realizing that they
    will have to continue paying forever to just use the software?
  2. ImSeeker

    ImSeeker Member

    I'm not upgrading blindly, but I do upgrade every year, so that is sort of falling into a "subscription" concept.
    That said, I can upgrade THIS year for 49.99, the same as for a "permanent" license, which quits working well if you don't upgrade anyway.

    But - NEXT year? Parallels isn't that consistent. Will p12 pro be 99.99? or will there be another "offer"? or could I downgrade to standard p12?
  3. MarieC

    MarieC Junior Member

    I called Parallels US offices last week. The representative I talked with confirmed that Pro subscription should cost 99,99 $ next year(s).
    And don't forget Parallels can also raise the price to its liking.
    Unless you really need Pro version features, don't make yourself captive jumping on Pro subscription (step that would incite Parallels to go further into the bad loop they initiate for customers).

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