Parallels 11 removing features I have used for years ?!

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by UlfH1, Aug 27, 2015.

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    I'm right now a very unhappy customer of Parallels 11. I have used Parallels since version 9 and mostly for running Linux based distros.
    Now using Linux distros for me mostly means that I run them using the Mac Terminal. Theres no need for having a UI up and running since most of my demos are for running SQL in a terminal. So I start them, suspend them, resume them thru my own written bash scripts using Parallels CLI command tools.

    So, upgrading to Parallels 11 and suddenly you've decided to remove the possibility to run 'prctl' commands form the CLI. The only way i now can run my scripts used for years is by moving to a Pro license ? THIS IS UTTERLY BULL!! Nowhere comparing the versions there is any clear information that states I had to go for either a supcriptions model or add additional 20$ for one-byoff of the pro version.

    So now I have allot of my scripts useless. Not only that. But the only Windows machine i had is now useless too. Let me describe what happened. I upgraded to parallels 11 and at the same time i decided to migrate from Windows 7 to Windows 10. The old Windows 7 machine was setup so that i did not need to login to windows since i already logged in on my Mac. Ok so Windows 10 forces you to logon either using a Windows Live account I don'w want or your old users password. Guess what that was set with 'parctl' cli command. Now, trying to solve this problem is pointing you to a technical note at your own site telling you to use the very same 'prctl' command that you made impossible to use in Parallels 11 Desktop version. So now i'm stuck with a Windows machine i cannot login to because I have no way of setting the password thru the CLI.

    Any suggestions are welcome and to Parallels team, bad way to goo. This is not to keep your customers happy!! This is not what what I like to see running one of my scripts. Thank you for destroying my day. I want my money back!!
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    Welcome to the camp of unhappy long-time users caught in Parallels' PD11 bait-and-switch. You're not alone.
    I've been pressing for Parallels to publish a list of features that are no long available in the Standard version - but nothing has been forthcoming. As of now, what we know has been removed:

    • The ability to allocate over 8GB of RAM to a VM
    • The ability to assign more than 4 vCPUs to a VM
    • Rollback mode (but not Snapshots - I was mistaken on this earlier)
    • Linked Clones
    • "Mac Look" functionality
    • Internal DHCP settings
    • Port Forwarding
    • Nested Virtualization
    • Software Development Profiles
    • CLI Commands
    Some of these are "professional" features, some aren't. There probably are more, but right now it's at the point where users are discovering these discrepancies, and Parallels has been silent unless someone specifically asks - and the answer is what you see above - "That is only available in the Pro version" - which is subscription only, and stops working if you stop paying.

    Bull, indeed.
  3. Jigs Gaton

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    I think the only one I will miss is Rollback, which I found very useful if not excruciatingly slow (if you want to save changes to the session). I hope the loss of the above is net gained with improved performance.

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