Parallels 11 - unable to confirm the product licence?

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by ScottC4, Nov 12, 2015.

  1. Hemnath@Parallels

    Hemnath@Parallels Parallels Support

    Hello PaulM34. Please re-attempt the activation now.
  2. PARA1

    PARA1 Bit poster

    Hi, I am also having the same problem here, I have purchased parallels from 8,9,10,11 I tried them all and its saying I maxed out, funny thing is I only have two computer. I wonder how I maxed out all my 8, 9, 10 ,11. Could you some how reset the 8,9,10,11.

    lastly can you tell me how many computer can be used under per license
    Thank You
  3. Hi PARA1. We have reset your Parallels Desktop for Mac license keys. Parallels Desktop for Mac retail license can only be used for activation of Parallels Desktop for Mac on a single Mac machine at a time. In order to use Parallels Desktop for Mac on several Mac machines, you need to purchase the corresponding number of licenses. If you would like to move Parallels Desktop from one computer to another, you do not need to buy a new key, simply uninstall the software from the Mac it is currently installed on before installing on a new one.
  4. gennaro

    gennaro Bit poster

    Hi, I am having the same problem with my license key for Parallels Desktop 11 for Mac.
  5. AlexM21

    AlexM21 Bit poster

    Hi, I am having the same problem with my licence keys for Parallels desktop 11. Please could you reset my keys
  6. Hi, your key has been reset. Please check the issue
  7. Hi, we've changed settings of your key, please check the issue and let us know how does it work.
  8. Uira

    Uira Bit poster

    Hi, I am having the same problem with my license key for Parallels Desktop 11 for Mac.
  9. We've reset your key, please check the issue
  10. mushi

    mushi Bit poster

    Dear All,

    I have the same problem on my Mac Air 2013. I bought Parallel 9 originally in 2014 and then upgraded to Parallel 14 in 2019.
    After logic board change (same SSD, not changed). I have my Parallel 14 key which is a full license. I entered it, but then it asks for the original key as the 14 key was an upgrade key. I have no idea where my Parallel 9 key was kept.

    I then searched support help, which suggests to look for the long serial number using Mac Terminal. I found that, but it says send to support. But I cannot email to support. So therefore stuck.

    Please can anyone give me advice.

    I am happy to upgrade to the latest license, but then if I don't have the original Parallel 9 key and that the logic board has changed, I am not sure if I can just pay the upgrade to 16 and worried that it won't start as it may ask for the parallel 9 key.
  11. GowthamR@Parallels

    GowthamR@Parallels Member


    Hi @mushi we have sent you the private message please check and reply there to assist you further.
  12. ZoRoX

    ZoRoX Bit poster

    can anyone help me. im getting this

    You have reached the maximum number of activations available for your activation key ( Please purchase a new product license.

    and it doesn't let me deactivate it. I'm on a fresh os and dint know you had to sign out?
  13. Ajith1

    Ajith1 Parallels Support

    We have reset the activation key. Try to use it again and check.
  14. PatrickC17

    PatrickC17 Bit poster

    same problem for me, who can help me?
  15. Hi,
    we've reset your license key, please check the issue and let us know the results.

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