Parallels 11 Win 10 very very slow

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by ShimonyA, Aug 20, 2015.

  1. ShimonyA

    ShimonyA Junior Member

    I have very slow performance with the new parallels pro and new clean installation of win 10 pro 64 bit.
    Mac pro retina 15" 2015, 16 ram, 256 ssd.

    Please advice, this is my main working computer, and I can't work like this.

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  2. ShimonyA

    ShimonyA Junior Member

    Ok, I gave up the old vm, created a new one, works great so far.
  3. jlefevre1

    jlefevre1 Junior Member

    Just upgraded to parallels 11 from parallel 10. Running a windows 7 VM on a Mac mini with 10 GB ram and quad core i7. Runs slower than before, much slower Win 7 boot up, and display flickers every once in awhile. . I think I have allocated 2 processor cores and 2 GB of ram to Win 7. Not sure where to look but whatever it is it has not changed. Hope updates will fix the speed issue.
  4. IsraelH

    IsraelH Bit poster

    Found this in one of the forums and it helped some:
    "I've had this problem twice and had to reinstall both times as I was unable to fix it. This time I did managed to fix it. I noticed loads of errors in the EventLog complaining of a corrupt database file in the following location:
    A search in Google brought me to this forum which pointed me in the right direction - replace the contents of this folder with good non corrupt files. As my user account was the only one on the machine, I had to create a new user account and copy this entire folder from that account and overwrite mine. As the files in my folder were locked, I actually had to create two new user accounts. I tried creating only one but it wouldn't let me copy the files from the new account I was signed into as they were also locked.
    1. Create 2 new user accounts, sign in to each, then sign out of all accounts.
    2. Sign in to one of the new accounts again.
    3. In Windows Explorer, navigate to C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Local\TileDataLayer\Database folder of the other new user account (not the one you're signed into).
    4. Copy the contents of this folder into the equivalent folder of the broken user account.
    5. Assuming all files copy successfully, sign out of the new account and sign into the "broken" account.
    6. The start menu should be back to normal.
    7. Delete the new user accounts as they are no longer needed.
    Very annoying problem, but at least I've managed to get around it (for now)."
  5. LUKES

    LUKES Junior Member

    Parallels 11 Upgrade from Parallels 10
    Is there a DVD available?
    If not, can I buy the upgrade on my primary iMac and also install on my MBookAir ?
    Please tell me that I don't have to buy TWO licenses.
  6. EllwoodN

    EllwoodN Hunter

    Based on this from the EULA:
    You may use one copy of the Software activated by a license key on a single device owned, leased, or otherwise controlled by you, at a single time (the "Authorized Device").

    It would read that you you can install and activate on multiple machines, but only one install
    can be used at any given time. So, if you need to have two machines running Parallels at the
    same time, you need to licenses. At least this is how it reds to me, but legal jargon not my specialty.

    Here is the full EULA
  7. TheodoreZ

    TheodoreZ Bit poster

    Selective reading of the about this?
    The Software may not be used on, distributed to, or installed on a greater number of computers than you have license keys.

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