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Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by ClarkB, Nov 18, 2015.

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    You're welcome! Feel free to reach out anytime. We are here to help! Thanks!
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    I finally "upgraded" to Windows 10 last week, but the problems I've previously reported with my Sabrent USB3 hub under Windows 7 have persisted into Windows 10. Report ID 105621950, 105901700, and a few others that I didn't write down, have been submitted. I can only hope that there have been (or will be) changes made in the forthcoming MacOS 10.12 ("Sierra") release that will alleviate this issue, because it certainly doesn't work with a fully up-to-date El Capitan, Parallels 11 and Windows 10 combination. I'm reluctant to go buy a new USB2 powered hub - I think the old one died - but that may be my only hope at this point. Like the other people who have posted in this thread, as well as other threads in this forum, this is beyond normal frustration. Fortunately, it's only a hobby for me but I'm constrained as to what I can offer in terms of operational capabilities in my amateur ("ham") radio station during emergencies; it all worked beautifully under Parallels 10 and Yosemite.
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    Hi BayardC,
    Mac Pro, System 10.11.5, Parallels v. 11.2.0, Two Sabrent USB3 Hubs. Windows 7 X4. Current performance is good under this arrangement, crashes are rare.
    I do not allow Parallels to start up as a "startup" application.
    Sabrent USB3 hub has pushbutton switches for convenience. So, prior to a Parallels session, I switch off those USB devices, or unplug them, at the USB3 hub, then launch parallels and Windows 7 X4. Then I switch those desired USB devices back on, at the USB3 hub and test them. If one or more isnt working, I toggle their selection at the Parallels USB Game controller icon menu top right corner. Ignore the presence or absence of the checkmark, making selections here toggle the USB device on or off.

    Observations: Upgrading from System El Capitan 10.11.3 to 10.11.5 seems to cause no issues with Parallels 11.2.
    Common Knowledge: Windows 10 is an abomination, great for those who enjoy pain and suffering.
    Time-consuming recommendation: Build a virtual machine using Windows 7 X4 (public domain/freeware), or go back to the Windows 7 you previously used.
    Hope this helps.
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    Hi, Adonsa -
    Thank you for your suggestions, and I did try some of them - I shutdown the Parallels Desktop, then rebooted my MacBook Pro with no external devices attached.
    Then, I brought up Parallels Desktop manually, ensured that the USB Advanced Settings were set so that USB3 was OFF, then booted Windows 10. After W10 came up, I attempted to plug in devices, starting first with the Sabrent hub (which is a simple 4-port and a short 6 inch / 15cm cable), then the first FTDI UART cable, then the Xonar U5 sound "card". At that point, Windows 10 performed about 6-8 USB bus resets but finally settled out. I then attempted to add a second FTDI UART cable, and got a complaint from Parallels 11 that it was unable to add the device; Problem Report 106897055 was then generated and submitted. Adding the third FTDI UART cable caused even more bus resets which never settled out.

    I can workaround the problem by eliminating the hub and running one FTDI UART cable and the Xonar U5. I can even run with the FTDI plugged into the lefthand USB port on the MacBook Pro and with the Xonar plugged into the hub which in turn is plugged into the righthand USB port. All that proves is that some stuff CAN flow through the hub, but apparently not the FTDI UARTs. So, maybe a trip to the store for a powered USB2 hub may indeed be the answer.

    At this point, I don't want to waste more time trying to set up Windows 7 X4, but I appreciate the suggestion. Testing this configuration under VMware didn't go so well, either, but they appear to be a different set of issues (such as an apparently infinite wait for a device driver to download and install...)

    Thank You !

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