Parallels 12 - Parallels Tools breaks Outlook (office 365)

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by Frank2, Sep 10, 2016.

  1. Frank2

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    Was running a relatively new installation of Parallels 11 on El Capitan, with Windows 10 & Office 365 - set up mid-august 2016. As far as I remember, everything was working fine.

    1) I installed Parallels 12 (qualified for free upgrade) on 4 Sep.
    2) Outlook stopped sending & receiving emails. Any application trying to send an email (e.g. accounting software) would hang. (I cannot say with 100% certainty that Outlook was working on September 3, but it was working at some point earlier).
    3) Contacted MS support who fixed the outlook problem - not sure what they did exactly. They also kindly imported all my contacts from my old Windows XP PC into Outlook.
    4) Discovered that subfolders in My Documents would not open. I could open files/documents in My Documents dir, but dbl-click on any folder within My Documents and nothing would happen (no error, just folder would never open).
    5) Re-installed Parallels Tools, which fixed the problem with folders within My Documents
    6) Outlook was no longer sending & receiving emails. The contacts in outlook were gone.

    Trying to figure out what the heck is going on here. I tried restoring (from TimeMachine backup) the pvm before I reinstalled the Paralells Tools - but it was broken now in different ways.

    Cant help but feel something wrong with Parallels 12. Anyone had the same problems or who can point me to possible causes/solutions?

  2. snsokstan

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    I hate to reply to a question without having an answer but I will commiserate with you as I have similar problems. I am using the downloaded Outlook client from my Office365 account. It's pretty close to useless with long time outs, freezes, keyboard craziness and more. I am certain the problem is Paralllels 12 as I also downloaded Outlook 2016 for Mac and run that on the actual machine. Outlook for Mac connects quickly, runs almost flawlessly and never hangs. Outlook for Windows is dreadful.

    I keep thinking there must be some setting I have wrong. I really want to use Outlook Windows as I have Dragon installed on the Windows VM and I need it for my email. (Dragon for Mac was so bad I had to return it.)


  3. ReijoJ

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    Hello, same issues here. After several Office 365 and Parallels Tools reinstalls the Outlook works, but Excel 2016 crashes when opening some files. I had no issues when used Parallels 11 with Windows 10 Anniversary.

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