Parallels 12 + Windows 10 = High CPU usage

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by PaulS16, Nov 2, 2016.

  1. PaulChris@Parallels

    PaulChris@Parallels Parallels Support

    Hi @honeysyd
    Please, send us problem report and post its id here. For this open Parallels Desktop, in its Mac app menu go to Help -> Send Technical Data
  2. StefanM4

    StefanM4 Bit Poster

    Same problem here. Already sent a problem report. ID: 203260537

    My config:
    MacBook Pro 15'' 2017
    Parallels 12.2.1
    Windows 10 Enterprise, Version 1203, OS Build 15063.502

    The problem began after installing Windows Updates.
  3. Shathish@Parallels

    Shathish@Parallels Parallels Support

  4. StefanM4

    StefanM4 Bit Poster

    Hi, thanks for the suggestion, but the problem persists.
    While the test vm runs without my hard disk file the fans remain calm, but become loud when I start with my hard disk file.
    I also tried uninstalling parallels and reinstalling.
  5. MarkusS8

    MarkusS8 Bit Poster

    Hi Paul,

    I just came around this issue. I am upgrading to a new MacBook and now use Parallels 12. Before Parallels 11.

    My Question: is there a plan to substantially address this issue within Parallels 12? Any Updates? Or are we fired to upgrade to Parallels 13 -- and is the issue solved there?

    My experience:
    1. high CPU usage with Parallels 12, even in IDLE. My temp went up to 67 degrees celsius.
    2. on my old Macbook before with Parallels it was about 45-50 degrees
    3. switched off windows share => much better, temp at about 50 degrees (Parallels 12)
    4. deleted parallels power plan and reinstalled Parallels Tools. Switched on windows share again
    => same issue. CPU usage 150% - >200%. It seems that it goes fast down again but regular spikes >200%
    => temp 65 degrees again with moderate usage
    5. switched off windows shares again => all fine. Same usage as in 5, temp 50 degrees.

    Please provide a solution for this bug.
  6. KorkyPlunger

    KorkyPlunger Bit Poster

    @MarkusS8 next time this happens, do this on your mac:
    • Open a Terminal window
    • type sudo -i (you'll have to enter your password)
    • type cd ~USERACCOUNT/Desktop (where USERACCOUNT is your login user account name)
    • type spindump -file spindump.txt; vm_stat > vm_stat.txt && zprint -t -w -s >> vm_stat.txt
    Then file a support ticket and include the spindump.txt and vm_stat.txt files that were generated on your mac Desktop (or post them here).

    Those files will contain detailed information about what Parallels and your Mac are spending time doing when your CPU is high. This is the approach I've used in the past helping Parallels support track down hitches and other performance issues.
  7. CraigM6

    CraigM6 Bit Poster

    I just installed parallels 13 and was having the high cpu usage. Windows was using 10% cpu but parallels was using 110% on the mac side. I turned off the Access Windows Folders From Mac and CPU on mac side dropped to 18%. Hope someone will fix this soon, my laptop has been too hot to touch all morning after upgrading.
  8. CraigM6

    CraigM6 Bit Poster

    OK after disabling the windows drive share to the mac the CPU went from 110% to 35%. However this is still much higher than Parallels 12 was consuming. This still means that when windows is idle at 8% CPU parallels is consuming 35-50% CPU on my Mac. I do believe there is a bug in Parallels 13 causing high cpu usage. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions to reduce CPU usage further? The fans on my Mac are running all the time now even when Windows is idle.

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