Parallels 13 and Graphics Memory "recommended"

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    Hello Parallels Forum,

    Might you enlighten me on the changes to "recommended" and "required" for VRAM in Guest OS's? This is universally for any guest os.

    I am trying to understand the changes in Parallels 13. In the past the "recommended" memory for Graphics was much high. In Parallels 13 it seems to have changed to a much smaller amount. I have 3 displays (5k, 2560x1440, 1920x1080) and one might assume 64Mb would be a small amount for guest VRAM allocation. I am only making an assumption based on my experience with versions 1-12 of Parallels.

    Did something change and is this just an arbitrary number? That is to say, 64Mb is all that is needed and the host will give more as necessary?

    I have: Win OS X, Cent OS, Ubuntu OS, Debian OS, macOS Sierra VMs. Only macOS Sierra is set to always run (starts at bootup) but the others will be used for software development, on occasion, or school stuff (Win OS X). I have an iMac 5k with 2gb discrete gpu and 24 GB RAM (upgrading to 32 this week)

    What are the universal VRAM settings, both "recommended" and "required", for any guest os?

    Thank you,



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