Parallels 14: Fedora minor kernel update

Discussion in 'Linux Guest OS Discussion' started by Mark Fine, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. Mark Fine

    Mark Fine Bit Poster

    Just did a significant update of Fedora 28, which always gives me the jitters wrt P-Tools.
    Notably: Kernel updated from 4.17.19 to 4.18.5, and Gnome to 3.28.2.
    All still appears well under P14, even under convergence.
  2. Mark Fine

    Mark Fine Bit Poster

    Noticed a new minor annoyance: Some times while in convergence, if you shut down Fedora it 'forgets' the window size you started with at boot up. What you get is the smallest window possible, then have to stretch it back to size. Weird.

    Current versions:
    Parallels 14.0.1 (45154)
    Fedora 28, kernel 4.18.7-200
    Gnome 3.28.2

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