Parallels 15 breaks auto mounting of removable USB drives on Ubuntu / Debian

Discussion in 'Linux Virtual Machine' started by qdolan, Oct 5, 2019.

  1. qdolan

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    When using both Debian and Ubuntu (I didn't try any others) under Parallels 14 auto mounting of USB drives works great, they get mounted under /media/parallels/<LABEL>, you can eject them. everything is super. However after upgrading to Parallels 15 this no longer works.

    I have confirmed that it's not a Parallels Tools issue, because if I upgrade to Parallels 15 and install Parallels Tools, then boot the VM in Parallels 14 without touching anything auto mount works immediately. This feature under Parallels 15 is simple broken, the USB disk is still recognised (although Ubuntu required an upgrade), and the device nodes appear so I can still mount the disk manually, however since I mount USB drives all the time Parallels 15 is a downgrade for me.

    Is this a know issue, is there a fix for it?

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