Parallels 15 gets 'splattered' all over....

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by SterlingG, Aug 25, 2019.

  1. SterlingG

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    I installed the current PD15 along with the Toolbox and Access. I think decided to see what is involved in removing it. Its a mess. Aside from the obvious stuff in /Library and ~/Library and /Applications there are Privileged helpers, and even an Input Method module that required that I boot into single user mode to pull it out.
    Come on Parallels - either give us a tool to COMPLETELY remove Parallels stuff or document how and what you are installing and how to get it out.
    For now, given the nervous security people around me, I plan on not doing anything else with PD15 until I find out more about what's going on.
    VMware Fusion is a breeze to pull out, VirtualBox gives you an uninstall tool. Surely Parallels could do the same. Unless of course the plan is to prevent removal.
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    Hi, you can also use any Cleaner app for the Parallels Desktop completely removing.
    Or share your suggestion at this thread.
    We will appreciate your cooperation with us.

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