Parallels 15 hangs, not good, cannot use??!

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by PaulC30, Nov 29, 2019.

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    Let me start by saying Parallels seems the better option for VM, and I was a user many years ago with mixed results but decided to give another go especially as I have just gotten rid of my old tired W10 laptop so PD15 looks perfect.

    I'm using a iMac i5 16GB RAM, SSD, etc. 10.13.6 all running great.

    Installed PD15 as if any good, I could catch the Black Friday deals and purchase.

    Installed PD15 fine, Windows 10, plus some updates, and Parallel Tools all last night. It seemed Ok.

    Tried some simple audio programs that I use on Windows, and tried to connect through from MacOS (a standard thing) and got an error. Not great, but this could have been my fault?

    Anyway launch today, and it doesn't even load? then when it does, it takes up to 15 mins to launch Windows and never does?

    I get a scrambled screen on launching, i then have to Force-Quit! This has happened around 5 times so still haven't launched Windows?!

    So I went to open a support ticket, and get Error 522 on my Account! (saying my internet working fine, and cloudfare, but the 'Parallels' end isn't working??)

    Even typing this support forum request, I big pop up appeared saying "Error 500" ?? and i thought i had lost my post?!

    Please tell me Parallels has improved a little? My experience has been awful if im honest, and don't really have time to mess around diagnosing it.

    It seems like I have at least 3 errors just this morning, and now cannot launch Windows or PD15 at all? and even the original thing I wanted Windows for, via Parallels isn't working either?

    So any help would be good, but looks like i wont be taking up their offer any time soon!! (Another Server Error just popped up whilst writing this!)

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