Parallels 16 extremely slow on MBP

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by PatrickP9, Oct 6, 2020.

  1. MatthewH11

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    I tried the insider ARM build of Windows 10 on an M1 in 16.5, it goes like a rocket compared to any virtualisation on Intel in Parallels on my Intel Mac! Crazy. Well I guess we will only be using Apple Silicon one day anyway...
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  2. SergeyS11


    Hey, Parallels, is there any chance you fix the problem in near future? I have Win 10 with Parallels 16.5. There are two issues:
    1. After upgrade to Parallels 16 windows is extremely slow. Boots for a long time, runs as slow as my PC in 1999. I have to wait 5-10 minutes to open page in Chrome. WTF is going on? All of this happened after upgrade.
    2. Parallels drains battery and make my Mac very hot.
  3. RyanP11

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    Just did a clean install of Big Sur on my Mac Pro, (12 core, 192GB Ram) and 16" MacBook Pro (8 core, 64GB ram).

    I experienced severe slow downs when using Parallels in Coherence Mode. I have a pretty demanding setup with 3 x 4K monitors and 3 VM's running. Nevertheless it is very fast under Catalina and very slow under Big Sur. I spent a couple days playing with every performance setting I could find and finally formatted the HD's and did a clean install of Catalina. Same VM's, but now the performance is much much faster.

    The Mac Pro was "almost" usable in Big Sur, but the UI in MacBook Pro was a slideshow with the fans going full tilt. Even on the Mac Pro though, the performance hit was way too much. They were both faster when using full screen instead of coherence, but that really breaks my use case of using OS X and Windows applications side by side.

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