Parallels 18 Mac Host, Mac Guest VM, weird Shift or Caps Lock behaviour

Discussion in 'macOS Guest OS Discussion' started by Gimbal, Aug 9, 2022.

  1. Gimbal

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    Hi, I have just upgraded to Parallels 18 Desktop for Mac v18.0.0 (53049) on a MacBook Pro 2018 Intel i7 with host macOS 12.5 Monterey (up to date, generic)
    Guest OS (Virtual Machine) is MacOS 10.11.

    Upon updating Parallels 18, opening the VM of MacOS 10.11, I have to sign in to the VM macOS (this is normal) however, the password field shows the "Shift" or "Caps Lock" key being pressed when it is not. And if I toggle the shift or caps lock key on my keyboard, as soon as I type the next letter, the on-screen visual indicator that Shift or Caps Lock is back ON shows... Ugh.

    After finally getting in, and updating Parallels Tools, and rebooting, the problem remains. I opened a Text Edit document to test typing, and sure enough as I type the Shift or Caps Lock key just turns itself on or off randomly.
  2. warnergt

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    I was having this problem in a similar (but less severe way) before Parallels 18. After I typed the first letter of my user name, it started outputting capital letters.
    After I installed Parallels 18, it got really bad. It was extremely difficult to enter my password. It kept jumping into Caps mode.
    However, once I did get logged in and the Parallels tools were installed, the problem went away completely.
  3. Asish@Parallels

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  4. warnergt

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    I thought this problem was gone but, now, it is back and worse than ever. I haven't done anything since my last post saying everything looked good.
  5. DanielO10


    I had the same problem. I changed Hypervisor from Parallels to Apple. You find it under Hardware/CPU & Memory/Advanced... It worked for me.
  6. Jpmcc

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    I have just experienced this issue. Host MacOS 12.6, Guest 10.13.6, Parallels 18.0.2. Strangely it was fine when I first started the VM. Able to log in, then the Parallels tools automatically updated (as I'd not used this VM for a bit). On reboot, the caps lock thing happened. Found this thread and checked the hypervisor. Already using Apple.

    I have just switched to Parallels (involving a host reboot), and started the VM - logged in with no issue. Testing typing in TextEdit and there doesn't appear to be any weirdness happening now.

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