Parallels 19 - Drop Box folder is now native on Windows machine (I don't want that)

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    I purchased Parallels last night in an attempt to run 1 windows based program, formerly ran on VMware. During the install I selected the prompted Mirror options, which duplicated the desktop between both machines.

    The desire:
    I use the MAC side 95% of the time, and want the desktop folders to remain native on the MAC side. There is 1, just 1, folder that I wish to share between both machines. I have set this folder up under Sharing/Share Mac / Share Custom Mac folder with Windows / Manage Folders.

    Issue 1 of 2
    On the Mac side there is now a 'Dropbox (Mac) - shortcut.lnk' folder. Each time I open that folder it automatically starts Windows 10. This is very annoying, especially when sending emails and trying to attach files on the Mac side.

    Issue 2 of 2
    I have gone to the Options / Sharing and deselected every share/mirror option, cycled power on all machines, and the dropbox link folder remains on the Mac desktop.



    I just recently noticed Dropbox (the original file) is now located under 'Locations' under Mac Finder. With that recent discovery I just dragged it to the desktop which created a new, correctly working, desktop dropbox folder (on the mac side)

    Now that I've deselected mirroring and sharing, do I simply delete the folder on the Mac side named Dropbox (mac) - Shortcut.lnk?

    I've read these articles:

    About the machine
    • Parallels 19 desktop version, non-subscription
    • Windows 10
    • 2019 macbook pro
    • Ventura 13.5.1

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