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  1. JOEF12


    I am trying to install a FREE 14 trial of PD 19 . I click download and do everything it asks and when it's complete I go to open and it prompts me to put in an activation key . I've had a very old version of Paralles that's not supported any longer with my new Mac M1. how do I get it to give me the free trial so that I can see if it's going to work for me
  2. Maxim Rasulov

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    As we can see, at present you seem to have Parallels Desktop 17 installed, to access a free trial, it should be sufficient to simply install Parallels Desktop 19, for instance from this page: or you can download and install using a "Parallels Desktop 19 for Mac Image" from this page:

    And when prompted to enter the license key, you will have an option at the bottom to "Try free for 14 days".

    For additional information regarding the trial, please check the following article:

    However, if there is no such option present in Parallels Desktop 19 for you, let us know, and send us a screenshot of the activation page.

    Have a nice day!

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