Parallels 19 on M3/Sonoma print with Mac print and save-as-pdf dialogs?

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by ilysek, Nov 28, 2023.

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    Hi there --
    I am a basic Parallels user, just so I can run Quickbooks Desktop on my Mac. I just got a new M3 iMac and successfully created a new Win11 VM, moved my data, installed apps and with only a little fiddling around everything seems to work. However, in the Parallels/Win 10 installation on my old Intel iMac, I had made some setting so that I could use the Mac print dialog for the shared printer, instead of Windows print dialogs. Other than printing some checks and preferring the Mac dialog where I have all sorts of presets, I also often need to save documents to pdf and using the Mac Save dialog in columnar view, with my favorite locations already in the Mac sidebar, is about 10 times faster than using MS Print to PDF and having to tunnel down in the (awful) Windows Save File interrface through multi-nested file directories. It doesn't work to save Favorites in Windows Explorer because the VM quite often changes the drive letters of the 3 Google Drives I use. (haven't figured that one out yet either!)

    So -- I can't find the setting to make, and I am reaching out here after spending about an hour with the online Parallels docs, and searching the forums, and Googling ... and just not finding the answer. How do I set things up in the VM so that when I click Print in Windows it launches the Mac OS Print dialog? Thanks much to anyone who might be able to help.

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