[Parallels #2722390] Parallels Tools install on Kali Linux degrades graphics of the VM

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    I opened up this ticket all the way back in March. It's "in engineering" still. Parallels 16 was released and the issue is still not resolved.

    I spent a LOT of time with support gathering logs and screenshots, generating Report IDs both with the tools uninstalled and with them installed, seemingly for nothing!

    Ticket created 03/17/2020:
    Without parallels tools installed, the VM size adjusts automatically and shows the correct resolution during boot, at the login screen, and after logging in. It looks great. After installing the tools, the VM's screen size does not adjust anymore. Grub uses the wrong resolution, the Plymouth boot progress screen does not show, and the tty resolution is wrong and looks terrible the GUI interface is also set to a low resolution and if I change it, it further distorts the problems during boot and at the login screen.

    [Lots of additional information and back and forth messages go here]

    Message received 03/19/2020:

    Thank you for clarifying. We have forwarded all the data to the Development Team. Once we have an update from them - whether it is request for additional information, a workaround or a permanent fix - we will reopen current ticket or create a new one to inform you. Thank you!

    Best regards, -- Nikolai Smetannikov Customer Support Engineer

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