Parallels 2X Client for MAC - RDP-Session using RemoteFX?

Discussion in 'Parallels Client for Mac' started by Flinky, Jun 1, 2016.

  1. Flinky

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    Hi guys!
    I've got a question and maybe someone here has the answer :)
    My Hardware: MacBook Pro Retina and a DELL Precision Workstation with Quadro running Win10Pro, both connected via LAN (Time Capsule)
    What I do: the Dell Workstation is running AutoCAD and I'm connecting to the Workstation using the Parallels 2X Client for MAC.

    I've enabled the "remote-support" on the Win10Pro System and added a simple RDP-Session in the Parallels Client. It works so far, but AutoCAD is a little bit laggy.
    The LAN-connection is fast enough and I've enabled the "RemoteFX" setting in the Parallels Client - as far as I know, the RDP-connection should perform better with this option enabled.

    My question is: I don't know if the RemoteFX is really working - can I check on this? Is there anything to configure on the Dell to make the connection more responsive? Maybe some settings in the gpedit.msc? I read something about GPU-supported-remote-sessions, but I don't know if my RDP-connection makes use of the Quadro-GPU.

    I'm an amateur, please keep any answers simple :)

    Thanks and bye,
  2. PaulChristopher@Parallels

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    Hi, RemoteFX technologies deliver higher-quality user experience than RDP because they have advanced coding and graphics virtualization.
    It now allows users to watch videos and run 3D applications with performance close to a native desktop experience.

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