Parallels 3.0 +WinXP SP2 +Suse 10.2 experiences

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by afore, Jun 10, 2007.

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    Overall, I am pretty happy with Parallels 3.0. Upgrade on Macbook Core2 Duo, OSX 10.49 and 2 Gig RAM went off without a hitch. WinXP SP2 (without WGA and using Zone Alarm firewall with latest update) was no problem. Runs much faster that build 3188 and Coherence works much better. It recognizes a video dvd, but the default WinXP video player does not work. Comes with not allowed when you try to do anything. Installed videolan player which works flawlessly. I did not try any games as I don't have time to play them. I use WinXP mainly for two CAD programs I need for work, otherwise, I could get along without it. Have IE working under Linux, so don't even need that. Don't do email with Windows and don't do web browsing, or very seldom anyhow.

    With Suse 10.2, the convert did not work with the virtual disk, so I reinstalled. This failed the first time during the installation reboot. It did no comeback with the rest of the configuration from Yast. Tried again, it then worked. Kaffeine plays a DVD, but the video is screwed up and is very jerky. Again, I installed VideoLan which works flawlessly. The Parallels tools for Linux work great, but only when running X, which is not a problem. Only two problems found so far are:

    1. XGL +Compiz almost works, but locks up the virtual machine after it starts.

    2. When shutting down the machine, it kills all process, etc, then says system will halt immediately where it hangs forever. Have to go to Parallels Actions and stop the machine.

    Now if the Linux version would work as good as the Mac version, I would be happy. 2.2 has issues with USB and Shared folders that cause me great pain when running XP under Parallels in Suse 10.2 at work. There are work arounds except 1 item that is supposed to be fixed in the next version "soon". Of course "soon" was six months ago, so I am not holding my breath for that.


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