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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by veggiedude, May 31, 2007.

  1. veggiedude

    veggiedude Hunter

    This thread is for the new version 3.0.

    Who is testing it? When will a public test version be available?

    If the upgrade (special) price ends June 6, just a few days from now, how do I get it? I don't see any links to it.
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  2. drsbmac

    drsbmac Junior Member

    Go to the link in the article, which is reproduced here:

    This page provides more detailed info on Parallels 3.0 as well as a purchase link.

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  3. ciryx

    ciryx Bit poster

    Will there still be updates or bugfixes for version 2.5, since there are some huge bugs in the german version (build 3188)...
  4. veggiedude

    veggiedude Hunter

    I just now got an e-mail from Parallels with the offer to upgrade, with the link.
  5. kurtinatlanta

    kurtinatlanta Bit poster

    If I'm going to pay now for the upgrade, it would be nice to be able to download the beta when I pay instead of just paying and waiting.
  6. russkle

    russkle Bit poster

    I notice no mention of BootCamp. The only reason for me to upgrade is if I can use my BootCamp partition of Vista. I was hoping this was going to be fixed in a point release to v2.
  7. John Boyd

    John Boyd Bit poster

    I hate to be cynical, but a few things strike me odd about this abrupt version 3.0 announcement (as clipped below):

    "Pre-order the Upgrade by June 6th, and get Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac for only $39.99 - 50% OFF the regular retail price of $79.99! This exclusive, limited time offer is available only for select Parallels customers. Beginning June 6th, Parallels customers can upgrade to 3.0 for $49.99."

    Firstly: Why did we skip from V. 2.0 directly to 3.0? What happened to 2.5, etc.?

    Secondly: Who are "select" Parallels customers? This seems to imply that only certain paying customers can access this deal. I'm sure all registered users received this email.

    Thirdly: What's the rush? Why do we have 5 days to save an extra $10. Would it have anything to do with the Apple WWDC on June 11th. Could Leopard be integrating a similar functionality into their next OS release. Does someone want to squeeze a few extra bucks out of us before their product is rendered obsolete? Just seems like odd timing, probably just snorting too much glue though.

    I've enjoyed Parallels so far to date.
  8. SouthPaw

    SouthPaw Junior Member

    I seem to recall some mention when I first purchased Parallels of all subsequent upgrades being free because I purchased when I did... does anyone else remember that? Please correct me if I'm wrong.. otherwise, I'm remotely annoyed.
  9. wesley

    wesley Pro

    The latest version is in fact version 2.5. More accurately, 2.5.3188.0.

    Parallels guaranteed all subsequent upgrades for the same version number was free. Going from 2.5 to 3.0, a jump in the version number, they did say it would cost money. So this was expected.
  10. macgebruiker

    macgebruiker Hunter

    Just my idea. So this action really surprises me!
  11. clairenoyeslouie

    clairenoyeslouie Bit poster

    I got parallels around the first of the year. I initially bought the boxed software from Amazon but then saw online that if you downloaded the download version from the Parallels site, that you would be able to get updates for one year. After reading that, I returned the unopened software back to Amazon and purchased the download version from Parallels. The only thing that I seem to remember was updates were to be for the 12 months period.

    So now it's going to be either $40 or $50. Wonder what the deal would be if I had kept the boxed version. Still have to pay $40 or $50 to upgrade - so what was the advantage to have gone the download route.
  12. jvgfanatic

    jvgfanatic Member

    Here's the quote from the email confirmation of your order (not the one with the serial number) if you ordered upgrade protection

    If I'm not offered this for free then I'll be mightily upset as the copy above says that all major upgrades are available at no additional cost. In addition that email I should receive better arrive in a timely manner. :D
  13. fabforrest

    fabforrest Member

    i am more interested in knowing the exact specs for the 3D game support. exactly what is supported?
  14. moofpup

    moofpup Bit poster

    Version 3.0

    I would have no problem buying the update to version 3, if at anytime in the last year they had delivered one build that was not full of bugs. I am still waiting. 3188 still has many, many issues!
  15. twynne

    twynne Hunter

    I was a bit surprised as well... and can't help but feel that we paid to effectively beta test a product (and it still has some pretty consistent bugs).

    On the other hand we got some features we hadn't expected - most notably things like coherence which I didn't see coming at all.

    I do think the timing is a bit odd, as well as the very short time period in which to take up the special pricing. I'd like to see some specific details on the enhancements, but can't get through to the site as yet.

    Suspect there's either loads of interest in the new version, or people queuing up to moan about it. :D
  16. nmberger

    nmberger Bit poster

    Yeah. Will this be able to support the 3D features of Aero in Windows Vista?
  17. GregA

    GregA Junior Member

    That's a good question.

    But is it a rush? I haven't been following it at all, quite happy with current version, but I know they were working on 3.0

    Apple has said they won't do virtualisation, and I'm inclined to believe them.

    At most, perhaps Apple will release a "quick switch" option between bootcamp and OSX. With flash ram, perhaps it could switch in 5 seconds?

    (hehe Perhaps they'll release OSX-Desktop for Windows :) I just don't see virtualisation)
  18. tech_head

    tech_head Member

    Upgrade Cost

    My issue is the bugs in the current version aren't fixed.
    So I should pay for an upgrade?
    I'm sorry, fix the bugs before you add features.

    I don't want new features for an upgrade price if the features I paid for don't stinking work.

  19. LCPGUY

    LCPGUY Member

    I got the upgrade email and clicked the link to order the upgrade. After I put in my ID and password, I was told they have no record of me and to reregister. Duh... If they had no record of me, why did I get their email? Very strange...
  20. chabig

    chabig Hunter

    If I could get stuff free instead of paying $40, I would. But for all the power this software provides, and the dedication the developer has shown to ongoing development, I'll gladly pay the $40.

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