Parallels 4.0 - Windows Vista Aero?

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by, Nov 11, 2008.

  1. eych

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    You are actually right, after more experimenting, it turns out that the problem appeared when I upgraded to SP1 from Parallels. After re-installing Vista again and upgrading to SP1 in Boot Camp (as Parallels recommend), everything is find. Aero is present via Boot Camp and still no Aero when in Parallels.
  2. ariell

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    It's been a long time.... any progress? I really would like a nice Aero interface in Windows 7.
  3. anthonys

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    Most of the responses from the Parallels team in this thread are from 2008. It's August of 2009...what is up with the Aero drivers???
  4. Olivier

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    I guess they have not enough resources assigned to Parallels Desktop to handle that. Else, we would have got this *much* sooner. For what it is worth, here is *why* I need that feature: it is NOT to attempt to play games, it is to check GUI details of the development works I produce for Vista and Seven using Parallels Desktop. I don't want to setup a spare real PC and Vista/Seven license *only* to be able to check that my windows have no deficiencies when running on Aero enabled interface.

    I really could live with limitations: for instance I would understand mixing Aero with Coherence is a no-go. Well I am in favor of a configuration switch in the VM that if Aero support is turned on, only Windowed or full screen mode is available. That would not be an issue, not at all. I really hope the feature isn't delayed for Coherence compatibility. Good multiple virtual monitors and Aero support in windowed and/or full screen is much more important than Coherence 'featurette' (coherence is just a significant marketing tool for Parallels, but not a significant feature to have).
  5. anthonys

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    Seriously...the graphics cards over the last two years on Macs have become more more powerful. This really should be a priority of the Parallels team.
  6. cellsheet

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    well I got some good news for those aero on vm lookers.

  7. sleek881

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    It looks like Parallels will be playing catchup to VMWare. They wouldn't have added Aero if it wasn't stable enough.

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