Parallels 5 and DST structure

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by Douglas Weber, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. JoyC


    I had the same problem (PST files on my local Mac drive that were unaccessible by Outlook or X1), and struggled with it all day yesterday. I am using shared folders in Windows 7 in Parallels on a Mac running Snow Leopard. The latest update to Parallels caused my X1 email-search software running in Windows to no longer be able to access my archived Outlook PST files on the Mac shared Y drive. I accidentally found a solution to my problem before finding this discussion on the Parallels forum, which was to increase the Virtual Windows C drive size, and move the PST files to the C drive. Then they were accessible.
  2. ChoJon


    I'll have to try that when I return to the office next week. Still not an ideal situation since I hate storing important documentation, even archived emails, on my local drive. I've had way too many failed hard drives to trust it as a long term solution. Will let you know how it turns out. Thanks!
  3. think


    Swam problem here with Outlook PST file...

    ...stored on the OSX file structure. HOME is set to Documents under shared profile and folder config per the defaults.

    When Outlook 2007 attempts to open a PST stored on a shared drive or and SMB mapped drive it returns an "Out of Memory" error. When the same PST is moved to the local virtual C it opens without incident. All of this occurred since the latest update.

    Any way to revert to previous build of Parallels and Tools? I know I won't be updating for the sake of staying current any more in the future.

    Any info is appreciated. I've opened an incident report with Support as well.

  4. Derek J.

    Derek J.

    Any new updates regarding DST?

    We're experiencing some problems with calendar items in Exchange, specifically with DST. All DST patches have already been applied, then we happened to come across this thread.

    The mailbox that is having a problem experiences the following:
    Calendar items entered from the laptop show up an hour later on the user's iphone.
    The same is true if someone from a PC tries to put an item on their calendar (shared).

    We've hesitated from upgrading to the new patch as the user needs access to archive folders stored locally and on the network.

    Is there any further updates to this item?
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    alexg Parallels Developers

  6. Paul Brand

    Paul Brand

    I think I have the same problem as Cho. My system is iMac running OS 10.6 - Paralles 5 with a Win 7 virtual machine and office 2007 inside that. Whole set up worked well when I used both OS's heavily up to Jan/Feb - but in March I was off sick and so today would be first time I tried to boot up outlook 2007 in the virtual machine to access an old email.

    Outlook tries to boot but fails because it it says the default pst file is not a recognisable MS Personal Folders file and outlook then shuts down.

    I checked the file properties in (a) Mac FInder - where they are .PST, but KIND = Unix Executable and (b) in Windows EXplorer where they are tagged as Type = Personal Folder file.

    Since I last used the Outlook 2007 system in Feb, there has been the Parallels update and I guess one or more Mac updates loaded (I always accept these) and I do wonder if there is a problem arising from those updates.

    Please advise

  7. Paul Brand

    Paul Brand

    Buil;d 9344 PST file fix success - tell Apple?

    Aha - finally found the right thread - the solution as noted at

    and it's all OK now.

    However, I first thought this was a problem with my imac file indexing and indeed was told by Apple Support that I had probably corrupted the file by looking at it in Finder - indeed the apple support guy did not believe that ANY folders should be shared by the Mac and virtual OSs.

    Should someone from Parallels tell someone at Apple Support about this issue?


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