Parallels 5 Tools Install Without Reboot?

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by Jim Ferguson, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. Jim Ferguson

    Jim Ferguson

    We need to perform a silent install of the Parallels Tools in Windows XP and 7. The installer, even in silent mode, does not appear to provide an option to defer the reboot. Other similar dialog boxes often provide a "Reboot later" or "Cancel" option to exit the installer without rebooting.

    Is there any way to prevent the forced reboot?
  2. vitalb

    vitalb Parallels Developers

    Parallels Tools are installed now in automatic mode using key --silent. If you want to prevent autoreboot after tools setup type
    setup.exe --silent --noreboot

    If you want install Parallels Tools without any windows/dialogs at all, type
    setup.exe --nogui

    Return codes 0 and 3010 mean success.

    NOTE. You must reboot guest OS from your script after Parallels Tools setup completed. Tools will work incorrect until reboot. User must complete logon after reboot for correct Tools functioning.

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