Parallels 6 and Spaces

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by KTiz, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. KTiz

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    I use 2 Spaces on my Mac. One for all normal Mac work and Space 2 for Parallels in which I run Windows XP.

    When switching from one Space to another the Mac displays an icon showing the spaces and highlighting the one to which you have just switched. This disappears automatically within a second or so.

    Well it does (and did under Parallels 5) except now, with Parallels 6 when switching into that Space the icon does not disappear. To make it do so you have to minimise the Parallels window and then restore it. Very irritating. If I have set Parallels to be Full Screen, this is even more annoying.

    Can anything be done?
  2. michaelborland

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    I noticed the same problem as soon as I upgraded to v6. Never had any problem with v5. I had to tap the "CTRL-ALT" combo keys twice to get it to go away.

    Please fix in the update guys...
  3. VitaliyS


    I am having the same issue.
  4. aceav8or


    Windows applications spaces transition

    I've also notices that I can no longer click-hold on a windows application in coherence to drag it through spaces with ctl-arrow... It's killing my productivity!!
  5. ShareefY


    I'm having a weird issue as well. I have two spaces and have my VM running in space two in coherence mode. Some times I'd minimize an app within the VM, but when I click the icon in the dock to restore it, the app comes up in space one. Parallels and Spaces sure don't like to work with each other too well.

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