Parallels 6 on Mountain Lion - Supported?

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by DJRumpy, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. JuanCarlosR

    JuanCarlosR Bit poster

    Hello! I upgraded to Parallels Desktop 6 on July 26th, 2011 (that is after Lion release time) through your own site, but never received that free upgrade to PD7 offer :/
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  2. Ricky55

    Ricky55 Bit poster

    You can buy VM Ware for only £5 more than the Parallels upgrade, Im going to try that, I just simply refuse to pay Parallels.

    I just think what they have done here is totally wrong, its just so obvious that they have put a lock on it for financial gain.

    How come PD7 will work with ML but PD6 won't, how can this be when PD7 is a year old, its just a complete joke.

    If everyone boycotts them they may finally realise that what they have done here is wrong.
  3. Cadujr

    Cadujr Bit poster

    I have a better solution, i will just delete PD 6 and only use OS X. I hardly use it anyway and you guys are crazy if you think i will keep buying this crap every year
    I came from Fusion and i'm going back
    bye bye paralles
  4. drqwerty

    drqwerty Bit poster

    I'm in the same camp. I bought my first Mac back in June last year. I immediately purchased P6. I upgraded to Lion. P7 was then released. I was never offered a free upgrade to P7. I have upgraded to Mountain Lion and now P6 doesn't work and I am being required to fork out US$50 bucks. I was given the various cheap upgrade options to P7 over recent weeks but never did so, since P6 was working fine and I was not informed that P6 would not work with Mountain Lion. I have the following choices: (1) Downgrade back to Lion; (2) Install Windows in Bootcamp; (3) Use my old Vista windows laptop again... Upgrading to P7 would be very unpleasant. I feel like I am being coerced into this. I also don't want to spend US$50 per year upgrading. I also don't want to upgrade to P7 now only to find P8 around the corner and be in the same problem again. I feel Parallels should move to a annual subscription model if this is how they are going to behave. They should make this recurring cost explicit.

    QUESTION: If I restore Lion prior to upgrading, can I then somehow shift the P6 windows installation into Bootcamp?
  5. MichaelLAX

    MichaelLAX Member

    At the end of the day, you have to evaluate for yourselves if the value you obtain from Parallels 7 is worth it for you. I made that determination when I upgraded to PD 7 soon after I purchased my mid-2011 Mac Mini (which only ran Lion at that time), to replace my dead iMac G5. I get the following functionality from it and to me was well worth the $49 upgrade fee:

    1. I was able to load Windows XP into Parallels, even though BootCamp in Lion will no longer run XP.

    2. I needed Rosetta functionality to continue to use PowerPC applications that no longer run in Lion. Consequently I run Snow Leopard server in Parallels 7 to regain that functionality and it continues to work after an upgrade to Mountain Lion. See: Regaining Rosetta functionality in Lion/Mountain Lion using Parallels 7
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  6. PGlaeser

    PGlaeser Bit poster

    I'm adding my voice of displeasure with the lack of support. I too purchased Parallels last July and was not offered an upgrade. Good bye parallels. I'll be taking my business and my companies limited but growing business else where.

    Very disappointed.
  7. _mattelkins

    _mattelkins Bit poster

    I don't really need to add anything to what's already been said by the PD6 users in this thread, but I still feel compelled to say how hugely disappointed I am. I'm absolutely stunned that PD6 has simply stopped working after upgrading to Mountain Lion, without so much as a warning email from Parallels.

    Parallels - Do you not realise that your customers rely on your software?! Who should I address the invoice to for my lost hours of productivity due to the fact that I can't access any of my Windows software now?

    Free upgrade to PD7, or I'm gone.
  8. tgdvw53!

    tgdvw53! Bit poster


    This is annoying and frankly, unacceptable. I bought a copy of v6 a little more than a year ago. This isn't the type of software that I expect to have to repurchase every year.

    I would recommend rethinking your strategy. Your company makes software designed to run on an OS that is updated annually. This OS is used by a group of people that will typically perform an OS update every time it is released. To force these people to essentially repurchase your software to run on the newest OS is absurd. I might be willing to pay you $10 or $15 for an update but certainly not $50! I don't need all of the fancy new features that you may have thrown in to a new version - I just want a vanilla update to let the software that I purchased continue to run. The reason that I happily pay Apple $20-$30 every year is that they release useful new features with it. However, if I don't buy the update, my machine will still run. Conversely, you're essentially selling virtual machines that STOP working if people don't pay you for an update every year or so.

    Either way, if I do go out and purchase something to solve this ridiculous problem that you've created, it certainly won't be your software. If it's $50 to you or $80 to your competitor - I'm giving the money to them as a matter of principle.

    Unless you somehow find a way to make this right, you've lost my trust, any of my future business as well as recommendations to use your software. Judging by this thread, I suspect the same to be true for a lot of your other customers.
  9. DanilP

    DanilP Bit poster

    Thanks Parallels.
    Your application is the only problem after my upgrade to ML.

    Probably, I'll have to buy $50 upgrage for the PVM after $10 price for ML. But anyway, it's good time to try the trial of VM Fusion.
  10. Lelic81

    Lelic81 Bit poster

    I am going to join as well.

    Just my 2c... I have 2 copies of PD6, bought late 2010 and mid 2011. Have used both on SL and Lion. No issues at all until upgrade. Now, I have to pay 100 for two copies just to have the same functionality that I had under SL and Lion.

    PS. And upgrade price is just 9 dollars more than the price I have paid before as an educator. The lowest "deal" I have ever seen to upgrade was 39+. No offers of free upgrades as well.

    If no substantially discounted upgrade is offered - I am leaving to competitors camp.

    Also, my e-mail is on their file due to registration. As a courtesy they had to warn users that PD6 is NOT compatible with ML. Even such a small thing has not been done!


    PS. Not really related... Guys, where are family licenses or at least desktop+laptop combo?!
  11. MattMMD

    MattMMD Bit poster

    Agree with the sentiments

    I bought parallels 6 about a year ago and it's crazy that it's not able to run on Mountain Lion. I think a boycott of Parallels is definitely in order. Not upgrading till version 8... but in the meantime looking into VMWare Fusion and Virtual Box which may make Parallels a moot point anyway.

    I'm not a windows power user.. I use it like twice a month for one program I need.

    Oh yeah -- every single one of my programs is compatible with Mountain Lion EXCEPT Parallels. I think this was purposeful.
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  12. JKingsnorth

    JKingsnorth Bit poster

    Well see I've had the same version of Photoshop through 3 OS X upgrades. However I bought Parrllels 6 less than a year ago. Pretty sure there is a bit of a difference there bud.
  13. lastzion

    lastzion Bit poster

    I'll jump in here too. Just a disgrace. I have paid for every upgrade because I wanted to, never because I had to. Now my hand is being forced and I dont' like it. To hell with you Parallels.
  14. rlr0420

    rlr0420 Bit poster

    Bye-bye Parallels .... hello VMWARE
  15. westshore7

    westshore7 Bit poster

    Buh bye!

    $40 upgrade to Windows 8 and bootcamp. You probably just destroyed the future of your software unless you offer your (formerly) loyal customers a quick solution!
  16. smooth_move

    smooth_move Bit poster

    Gouging Customers in not a strategy

    I just want to say how profoundly disappointed I am in Parallels inc.

    Yes, Parallels, v6 still works on 10.7. That's both obvious and completely irrelevant - and offensive. So I'm leaving your product behind with Lion. Angry customers and earned ill-will are dangerous things, especially for enterprise purchases. I'm now going to try out the competition. Good luck with whatever business objective you think you're trying to accomplish.

    One word for you:

  17. BradfordP

    BradfordP Bit poster

    Why do I feel like *I* did something wrong?

    I have been an unhappy customer since I got P6 - I run it because I use billing software that is only available in Windows. I've migrated or changed apps for everything else I do, but must rely on this functionality. Now, post-ML, I see that I'm going to be stuck having to pay to keep my business going due to this ridiculous design path sabotage job.

    Why, Parallels, why? That b.s. answer that Lion and ML were just massive OS upgrades flies in the face of reality. Your product stands alone in its lack of compatibility.

    I can't really say more - the earlier comments hit the nail on the head. For shame, Parallels. You really, really, have alienated me as a customer.
  18. scottmillson

    scottmillson Bit poster

    Not impressed

    You know. I'm thoroughly not impressed. Before I went to MAC 5 years ago I used to be a huge PC pirate. I used to brag about how I never paid for anything. I always used to justify it with comments like "They charge too much and are ripping us off" After growing up a little and some soul searhing, When I switched to OSX I made the conscious decision to buy all my software and to support the companies that make it. But when a company that I supported stops supporting ME it makes me wonder why I didn't just download it from a torrent site to start with. I basically flushed my money down the toilet because they decided not to support Mountain Lion with Parallels6. The life cycle of Parallels 6 should have lasted longer than OSX10.7. I'm pretty pissed that all my stuff on my windows drive is now being held hostage until I pay the upgrade fee. You know......Parallels 7 is on the pirate bay......and it's mighty tempting. Just sayin'
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  20. TariffP

    TariffP Bit poster

    Par for the course with parallels

    This is right on par with the Parallels sales machine. What I find uniquely disgraceful is that this is the only vendor of our internal application stack that isn't showing support so far.

    We've got $269 Equinux VPNTracker licenses in bulk and they are avidly supporting every new release of OSX for their users, because they, unlike parallels, put the client first, not the upsell.

    If we were looking for a need for an exodus to vmware this is it.

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