Parallels 6 on Mountain Lion - Supported?

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    JOHNJOY Bit poster

    i never take time to post to a blog

    better offer up free upgrades by tomorrow. Cuz the word is spreading quick, you suck! i was shocked when i had to pay for an upgrade last year that was almost as much as the full version!
  2. gavroche

    gavroche Bit poster

    I, too, am fed up with Parallels upgrade practices. I've had the exact same experience with Parallels Desktop 5 and now this? A software should not last only 1 year this is ridiculous. I will never spend a dime with Parallels again, this is over.

    Seems like VMWare Fusion is the same price as your upgrade, well, guess who's getting my 50$ now ? Also, they have a 30 days trial for anyone interested and it's super easy to import Parallels Desktop VM.
  3. Emulatelepath

    Emulatelepath Junior Member

    Appalling, Disgraceful, Extortionate. OS X: $19.99. Parallels patch: $50!

    This is appalling Parallels. You are punishing loyal customers who have stayed with you through several versions, for daring to apply a simple update to their OS.

    OS X nor Parallels offered me NO warning before the upgrade. Now I have finished the upgrade, only then am I told Parallels is DEAD.

    You need to do something about this as the ONLY app this happened to, and FAST. This is a media nightmare in the making and it will blow up for you in a matter of days if not hours.

    We need a free 'patch', now.
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  4. shoptb

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    Highway Robbery

    I have to agree with the messages that have been posted on the forum thus far. I will not be purchasing PD7 since I just purchased PD6 recently. It is ridiculous to expect users to pay $49.99 for a compatibility upgrade when the OS itself is only $19.99. Bad move Parallels...just lost a customer.
  5. Omrisimo

    Omrisimo Bit poster

    NOT going to upgrade for 50$ !!!

    I bought PD6 only a year ago, not going to invest more in this company
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  7. RonSchn

    RonSchn Member

    Please all do not forget that Apple can only make such a low price because they earn their money through the hardware.

    Software development is expensive and just because Apple can sell their OS for 20$ that doesn't mean that productive, good working software can be sold for 10$...
  8. MikelR

    MikelR Bit poster

    One more angry customer here. I totally agree with the concerns and dissapointments posted in this thread. It's completely unacceptable to pay such a high price for a product with such a low lever of support and without ensuring free -or at least cheaper- upgrades.

    I'm seriously considering moving to a different VM software, which by the way has much better pricing conditions and customer support.

    I hope Parallels does something about it before is too late. Not just sit and wait while thousands of version 6 users update to Mountain Lion just to find out that they no longer can use their windows OS with this software.
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  9. Neal81

    Neal81 Bit poster

    I was never offered a free upgrade either. Parallels telling that a free upgrade was offered is a load of crap.

    Can anyone please tell me (1): how do you pay the $50 ransom and get parallels going w/o having to uninstall now that I have already installed Mountain Lion?

    (2) How do you delete parallels properly w/o deleting my saved documents now that Parallels won't open to uninstall.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I bought Parallels it last August. A friend told me Parallels worked fine. I didn't even think to check if he meant 6 or 7 because I thought Parallels promised support for many years. I didn't read the fine print.
  10. Neal81

    Neal81 Bit poster

    If they offered a free upgrade a few weeks ago (as they claim), why not offer the free upgrade again when Parallels 8 is coming out so soon?

    Parallels is saying that we missed out, Parallels felt like not being jerks for a day so we sent out a free upgrade, oh did we forget to send that email to you, oops, I guess we can do some PR by claiming we sent it to you, check your bulk folder, oh its not in there either, strange, gmail lost it I guess.

    Dear customers, buy Parallels 7 this month and then buy Parallels 8 next month or eat crap.

    3 purchases needed in 12 months = WOW. I bought Parallels 6 in late August.

    Any help doing a proper uninstall, deleting the patricians while saving my window save files would be greatly appreciated :) I think I'm done w/ Parallels.
  11. John Podgorelec

    John Podgorelec Bit poster

    What a con. Parallels have an amazing business model... they promise reliability but with the Mountain Lion release they have delivered confusion, poor customer support and an unexpected cost.

    I think I may just hold off on Mountain Lion.
  12. JGregory

    JGregory Bit poster

    Yep, add me to the list. I remember the last time I upgraded (and paid what seemed like a lot), I thought "seems like too much again, too soon". The reason I remember it is, it wasn't so long ago. So, rather than do it all over again, I just went with VM Fusion, it's installed and I'm up and running. The Parallels folks have obviously made a calculation: that the additional $ from frequent upgrade purchases, minus those customers who then get disgusted and walk, minus the bad PR, still equals a net plus for them. And they may be right. Or they may be wrong. I won't be around to find out.
  13. DanilP

    DanilP Bit poster

    Yep, Parallels 8 will be in few months and I'll have to buy one more license?

    I'm going to use crack for the PVM 7. Just because I don't want to support them. By the way, it'll be the only pirated app on my Mac.
  14. pompeygreg

    pompeygreg Bit poster

    Looks like I'm not the only p***ed off customer then!

    I upgraded from 5 to 6 less that an year ago after Lion came out, I really didn't expect Parallels to pull the same con again this release. I didn't receive any offer to upgrade to 7.

    I won't be upgrading, I won't be using Parallels software again and as and when I get the chance I'll explain to your future customers why that is the case.

    I feel sorry for your staff because with this business model they won't have employment for long.
  15. GetIT1977

    GetIT1977 Bit poster

    That what customer care said

    Hi had a nice little chat with a licensing representative from Parallels. I made a blogpost for you all to enjoy:

    It's a shame.
  16. MateuszS

    MateuszS Bit poster

    SHAME on you Parallels! You are not getting my $, not anymore! Anyone who thinks about buying THINK AGAIN! your product will expire after 1 year - money lost! I am moving to vmware. What a scam.
  17. DanilP

    DanilP Bit poster

    GetIT1977, thanks for the post man.

    p.s. btw, your photos are awesome. I've subscribed to your blog.
  18. GetIT1977

    GetIT1977 Bit poster

    You are welcome! I don't think that it brings Parallels to rethink their policy, but who knows.
  19. GHGHGH

    GHGHGH Bit poster

    Extortion - Bye Bye Parallels hello VM Fusion

    Yep - Like everyone else here I agree this is unacceptable.

    I spend thousands on Apple gear and software and I don't have an issue parting with cash where there is value in doing so. This however is pure extortion and simply a cash grab. I too upgraded when Lion came out and to be forced to upgrade again so soon for no real conceivable added value (at a price over twice the cost of Mountain Lion) is truly unbelievable.

    Also the fact they ran promotions for version 7 up to June 30 with 40% off was another attempt at getting people to upgrade for no added value at the time. I remember seeing that offer and thinking I don't care if it is 90% off I don't need an upgrade. Now they know that they can charge full price again because people HAVE to upgrade to get access to their VM's under Mountain Lion. What a scam.

    I have just downloaded vmware fusion, imported my 2 parallels VM machines and they are working flawlessly. Plus I paid the same price that parallels is attempting to extort from me to get Fusion as a full version for the first time. At least now I know I won't be bending over every year and taking it up the behind for Parallel's annual customer cash r a p e.

    The process for transferring to VMware Fusion was dead easy and probably took me 20 mins all up from downloading, importing my Parallels VM's and paying for the license. I encourage you all to do the same - it was dead easy and now I feel relieved to be off the Parallels cash cow (Also no more of those stupid red 'pause' lines over my windows icons!!!)

    I won't be recommending Parallels to anyone ever again. Bye Bye Parallels and welcome to VM Fusion!
  20. ChefGreg

    ChefGreg Bit poster


    I agree, I'm thoroughly disappointed and won't buy another copy of parallels until they get their act together.

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