Parallels 7 on Lion - Reduced Multi Monitor Support

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by adt100, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. lnemo

    lnemo Hunter

    re #17: But this is exactly what doesn't happen: I open the VM in windowed mode with the 'use all displays in full screen' option turned on and switch to fullscreen. The VM occupies both displays and I can use them both as an expanded desktop as I did with PD 6. I don't experience the seconds display turning to grey and being useless.
  2. adt100

    adt100 Bit poster

    This thread is about what happens when 'use all displays in full screen' is turned off. In PD 6 you could have one display that was used for the VM in full screen and the other display could be used for OS X apps. In PD 7 on Lion as soon as you switch the VM to full screen mode the other display goes grey and is not useable for OS X apps.
  3. rinL

    rinL Bit poster

    Out of here

    Sorry being able to work in two environments simultaneously is key to any power user. Going back to 6.
  4. WalterW

    WalterW Bit poster

    I can't use coherence in any VM now.
    I only upgraded to gain features, not loose them!!! Parallels please fix these issues!
  5. zalusky

    zalusky Bit poster

    I also notice when switching to full screen mode in a multi-monitor environment that all my windows go black except for the in focus application like a browser or terminal window.
  6. EllwoodN

    EllwoodN Hunter

    If you check the Lion 10.7 forum on the Apple support
    site, you will find lengthy threads on Lions multiple
    monitor support. It seems "full screen apps" really
    hose the way multi monitor set ups work and also other
    things. Basically, multi monitor support in Lion is
    generally borked.
  7. D-an-W

    D-an-W Member

    This is a deal breaker for me too, I have Plex set to display full screen on my second monitor on all desktops, that way I could move between Lion and Windows 7 on my main monitor and still have the same video playing uninterrupted on the second screen.
  8. ScottU

    ScottU Bit poster

    +1 on a fix ASAP

    I have long used a Windows VM in full screen on one monitor while leaving the other monitor open to do everything else in the OSX world.

    I recognize that Parallels didn't break this -- Apple did -- with a very stupidly designed approach to full-screen apps. Their POV assumes you want zero distractions while doing what you're doing. All fine and good -- but not in a multi-screen environment.

    Please find a way to restore the Parallels 6 full-screen functionality.

  9. MarcusH

    MarcusH Junior Member

    #28: Even if Apple designed the fundamentals for the flaw....the software engineers @ P must have had checked out their brains too not to consider the consequences....
  10. Akista

    Akista Bit poster

    I am French, sorry for my English

    I use Paralells to run Windows, with the Paralells V6, I have the opportunity to have a full screen on two monitors. With Lion I want to run Snow Leopard Server to use Rosetta, but I don't have the full screen on two monitors. I bought the version 7 and it is the same thing. Do you fix this in a future update ?

  11. AlexandrosM

    AlexandrosM Bit poster

    I registered on the forum right away after Installing parallels 7. Like many others around here, I use a dual screen configuration for my needs. This new "feature" of full-screen must be reverted as soon as possible - and when I say soon, I really mean it. The fix should be available yesterday or even better, the day before yesterday.

    Many of us are doing serious work and not just play around with VMs.

    Looking forward to a fix.
  12. MarcusH

    MarcusH Junior Member

    Could anyone at Parallels be so kind as to provide some information about a specific timeline for a fix / an update. As indicated by some of my fellow contributors to this forum: Many of us are doing serious work, and do depend on a functional multi display environment. Please Parallels: Step it up!
  13. Oclair

    Oclair Junior Member

    1. Full screen operation does not only switch to full screen it switches to a new virtual workspace....
    2. Application also forgets which monitor was selected to apply full screen operation to.

    It's trivial for this application to incorporate Apple's full screen technolog, but it is suicidal for this application to abandon their own in house solution for a lesser native Apple API which is of a magnitude lower quality of what we had in Parallels 6.

    I should be paid to upgrade to 7 because it has less functionality than 6 did....
  14. vasilyz

    vasilyz Parallels Developers

    There is a workaround to enable old-style full screen mode.
    Go to vm configuration and tick "Options->Security->Require Password to Exit full screen mode".
    (Make sure you remember your admin password)
  15. AlexandrosM

    AlexandrosM Bit poster

    That will certainly do for now. Big thanks to Parallels for getting back to us!
  16. Thlax

    Thlax Junior Member

    This works for the full screen problem, but now it still leaves me with another. I use multiple workspaces on my Mac. I have 3 spaces, so technically I have 6 desktop windows i may have different windows open in. I leave P7 on my R screen and now when i switch to another workspace, it staying on the R screen. All my workspace's R screens are now useless because P7 automatically populates it. The same thing happened in P7 when i tried it with just the window and coherence mode. This full screen fix may not be enough for me to keep P7 around...i need this other issued fixed. Otherwise, its pointless for me to have workspaces which i need.....
  17. StefWill

    StefWill Bit poster

    Just making my voice heard too.
    Multi-monitor support pre Parallels 7 was great.
    Lion full-screen is broken for multi-monitor on all applications not just Parallels 7.

    Glad to hear the team is taking the concern seriously.

  18. Edin Pehilj

    Edin Pehilj Bit poster

    Just making my voice heard. The workaround with the "require password" works, but when I work on the guest OS side, the OS X menu bar and & dock disappear. Thanks for looking into permanent fix.
  19. MikeMo

    MikeMo Member

    I realize people don't like changing their workflow.. but why not just use coherence, maximize the windows app (s), and use Mission control as an app/desktop switcher? This is what I do with citrix and it works really well. Even if you don't use Mission Control, you can just maximize the Windows app... I see no reason to have the windows desktop take up the entire screen (especially on my 27 inch iMac). I usually run my VM in window mode, and switch to coherence when I need more than one Windows app open and tiled.
  20. Thlax

    Thlax Junior Member

    Because I paid for a product that did not deliver. There is no reason why my workflow needs to change when their product originally fit perfectly into it. The reason it is not working is because the product is not working as it should, not because i also don't want to change my workflow.

    I need my whole 40inch TV with Parallels on it to view my charts. (Swing Trader)

    No more complaints from me. I've downgraded to my trusty P6. Support said they are aware of all the problems I mentioned and an update will be out soon. I said thats great but I needed it yesterday. When i see chatter on the forum that the update solves the problems, Ill use my free upgrade (because i purchased P6 Aug. 8).


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