Parallels 7 on Lion - Reduced Multi Monitor Support

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by adt100, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. MikeMo

    MikeMo Member

    I know what you are saying.. and im not trying to be argumentative, but you should give coherence a chance, especially if you are tiling multiple application windows.
  2. Thlax

    Thlax Junior Member

    Understood. The Problem I had with your workflow suggestion was because I have two screens (sometimes 3), every desktop workspace in mission control has 2, one per screen. No matter what workspace I'm in using coherence mode, the parallels app jumps to the the workspace and doesn't stay in one. So my right screen with parallels open, no after which workspace I'm in, always stays onto of my right screen by some fluke and does not stay put.....if I'm understanding what you said correctly. As said, I'm happy and back at P6. No worries.
  3. mschwax

    mschwax Bit poster

    Thank you

    Thank you for fixing this soon. Apple likes to pretend they know how we work. You guys are smarter than that!!
  4. DeShawnB

    DeShawnB Hunter

    We are currently investigating a solution to this issue. Please complete the following workaround with regard to using fullscreen: Go to virtual machine configuration -> Options -> Security and check the "Require Password to Exit full screen mode" check-box.

    "Old-style" full screen mode will be enabled for your virtual machine and it will work just like in Parallels Desktop 6.

    NOTE: Make sure you remember your admin password, otherwise access to your Mac will be blocked.
  5. BinfordsTool

    BinfordsTool Junior Member

    Supporting multi-monitor support here as well. The "Require Password" workaround works, but it is a pain to have to resort to that kind of hack to get things to function.

    Appreciate all you do nonetheless though, it is a great application!
  6. Thlax

    Thlax Junior Member

    This works for the full screen issue, but if you have more than one workspace, the P7 jumps to whatever workspace your on. So it doesn't always stay on my 2nd workspace Right screen. If I go to my 1st workspace, P7 jumps to my Right screen in that as well. Same if I go to my 3rd workspace, P7 jumps from whatever workspace it was in on my right screen and shows up in the 3rd workspace right screen now. Hope that made sense.
  7. D-an-W

    D-an-W Member

    It doesn't quite work just like PD6 as I can't swipe between desktops with my Trackpad or Magic Mouse.
  8. MikeMo

    MikeMo Member

    Can you assign P7 or a windows app to one of your spaces (right click on dock icon, Options/Assign To/
  9. Member

    The interesting thing is that P7 beta did not behave like this ;).

    Looking forward to the first post-production patch to at least give us the option to use Lion-style full-screen experience.

    I might be OK w/ a full-screen lion experience if I could use both displays.

    On a separate note, why did you guys remove the custom transition animation settings that were in P4 and 5? Those were fun :)
  10. 2nice79

    2nice79 Bit poster

    Coherence is problematic. I play poker, and i have multiple windows/tables open. Sometimes alerts go off and they override windows and then things freeze to the point that nothing happens when i click on them. This also happens when I am using firefox sometimes. For intance, i tried typing a search earlier and it wouldnt let me click on the search box or type anything. I had to force close everything and restart. Coherence does not work fluidly and needs improving.
  11. phesopheon

    phesopheon Member

    I use coherence 100% of the time. I never experience things freezing. My only problem is that sometimes the focus moves away from what I might be doing in an osx app into the windows app. This can be rather annoying, especially when I am in the middle of typing!

    uh.... I guess this is what you are saying is happening to you as well.... the focus is shifting but then the interrelated events are causing things to freeze up. In your situation I can appreciate why coherence does not work well.
  12. Dmitriy

    Dmitriy Bit poster

  13. phesopheon

    phesopheon Member

    Hats off to Parallels for enabling the option to use the old style full screen mode (the better mode) so quickly. The new update works well. And it is configurable, so people can set the behavior as they like it.

  14. adt100

    adt100 Bit poster

    Thanks Parallels for the quick fix to this problem.

  15. MarcusH

    MarcusH Junior Member

    This is not fixing it at all

    P 7 is the worst Parallels upgrade ever. The problems with multi display and coherence functionality are new are many and just random in when they is just awful.
  16. Craig Givant

    Craig Givant Member


    Please see the information I have posted in the other thread.

    Multi Monitor Support Doesn't Work Properly (Version 7)

    I originally did not post here because I felt the issues I was experiencing were "different" from those discussed here which seemed to be corrected with build 14922.

    I have posted a work-around in that thread that may be useful
  17. ScottU

    ScottU Bit poster

    works like a champ!

    so happy to get this back -- and kudos for the rapid turnaround time!
  18. Greg Werker

    Greg Werker Bit poster

    Works great! Thanks for the fix!
  19. bluewaterbound

    bluewaterbound Bit poster

    PD7 Lack of dual OS full screen mode is killing me

    I have the same complaint on most on this thread and consider it a serious issue to lose this basic kind of support.

    Coherence mode would be a good substitute if I could have my Windows desktop (icons, folders etc..) be shown on one screen

    Please add back the full screen support or provide an easy, always visible, windows desktop access in coherence mode

  20. TomParsons

    TomParsons Bit poster

    Another vote for this to get fixed,

    I like to use one monitor in osx and the other one in windows 7 so i have the best of both worlds, currently im having to run windows 7 in a maximised window :(

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