Parallels 8 runs hotter!

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by tgilles, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. tgilles

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    Under Parallels 7 my system used to run around 138 F, now, I'm pushing 150+ (sometimes close to 160) and all I'm doing in Windows is browsing the web and using Outlook.. Thats it... No change in software installed or habits.

    It spikes WAY past 200 when playing my games now.. It used to hold around 170-180F fairly steady..

    Whatsup with this Parallels??!!!!!

    Seems the CPU and GPU are working extra hard for some reason when they should not be...

    Anyone else noticing this???
  2. tgilles

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    Oh, and when trying to drag a window from one screen to another, I end up with it rubber banding back to the screen I was trying to move it from.... VERY odd...

    This was rushed to release.. WAY RUSHED!!!
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  4. kengetz


    Weird screen behavior on PD8

    I saw the same "It won't stay on a secondary monitor" and the behavior was totally random. Things would sort of move over, then leap back to the main monitor on their own.

    PD8 has been uninstalled and we're back on PD7 until this gets resolved. Seems like PD8 is a mess, at least visually. -- Ken
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    thank you for feedback, we do appreciate it!
    To investigate the issue we need some technical information, so could you please reproduce it, send us Problem Report as described in and give me an ID?

    Thanks in advance,

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